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YouTube announces removal of ads on anti-vaccine videos and launches an information panel under anti-vaccine videos that return to the Wikipedia page for "vaccine hesitation"

On Friday, YouTube announced plans to prevent channels that promote anti-vax content from running ads, explicitly stating that such videos fall under its policy prohibiting the monetization of videos with "dangerous" content. This decision comes after advertisers on YouTube have… Continue Reading →

After pedophiles have used YouTube comments to sexualize children's videos, YouTube warns creators that it can demonetize videos containing inappropriate comments.

A new controversy this week on the sexual exploitation of children on YouTube has triggered a wave of boycott of advertisers and heightened tensions between the main channels of the site. The scandal has quickly become the starting point for… Continue Reading →

YouTube demonizes anti-vaccination videos

YouTube demonizes channels that promote opinions about vaccinations after a report from BuzzFeed News found ads, including from health companies that ran before antivax videos. The platform will also post a new information panel that refers to the Wikipedia message… Continue Reading →

YouTube Demonetized Anti-Vax channels

YouTube said on Friday that it would prevent channels that advertise anti-vax content from advertising, explicitly saying that such videos fall under the policy that monetization with video & # 39; s with & # 39; dangerous and harmful &… Continue Reading →

The Shift: YouTube has unleashed a conspiracy theory boom. Can it be contained?

Mr. Chaslot pointed out that this algorithm – which had already been formed to maximize the amount of time users spend on the site – often targeted vulnerable users by directing them to other videos about conspiracy theory. he predicted… Continue Reading →

AT & T says it's pulling all the publicity from YouTube after pedophiles have openly used the platform. Nestle and Epic Games also shot ads

AT & T and Hasbro are the latest companies to pull their Google ads on Google after pedophiles catch videos of young children, often girls, scoring timestamps showing children's nudity and objectifying them in the comments section of Youtube. "Until… Continue Reading →

YouTube said it has ended more than 400 channels and removed tens of millions of comments due to concerns regarding the use of its videos to exploit children.

YouTube has ended more than 400 channels and removed tens of millions of comments in response to concerns expressed by creators, users and advertisers about videos used to exploit children. The details come from the YouTube Creator Awareness Team in… Continue Reading →

Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show has just reached a major YouTube milestone

It is difficult to watch television late at night. I mean, it's late – it's exactly in the name! In addition, you are sometimes too busy watching The Umbrella Academy or High maintenance or mindfulness exercises on a sound bath… Continue Reading →

Best TV Streaming Service: YouTube TV vs. SlingTV vs. Hulu vs. PlayStation Vue And Everything Else

It's great what a little competition will do. Since the cut of the cord has become a real trend, television networks and pay-TV providers are scrambling to offer their channel offerings on the Internet. But with more competition comes more… Continue Reading →

An investigation reveals that YouTube encourages wrong anti-vaccine information in search results and recommendations.

Facebook, under pressure from lawmakers and in the midst of a measles outbreak at the national level, says it wants to work to ensure that anti-vaccination content is not recommended algorithmically to users. However, on YouTube, an increasingly popular source… Continue Reading →

Survey: YouTube monetizes sexualized videos of minors, often accompanied by predator comments. Epic Games Pauses All Pre-Roll Ads Following a Request

Children's videos showing their exposed buttocks, underwear and genitals accumulate millions of views on YouTube – the site displays ads from leading cosmetics and car brands. The comments under dozens of videos seem to show that pedophiles share timestamps for… Continue Reading →

For YouTube, curbing misinformation on its platform can mean punishing some of its stars. This is a step forward that he can not comprehensively cross, despite the recent policy change.

Mr. Chaslot pointed out that this algorithm – which had already been formed to maximize the amount of time users spend on the site – often targeted vulnerable users by directing them to other videos about conspiracy theory. he predicted… Continue Reading →

YouTube is updating the community guidelines with a new system for chains breaking rules, which now receives a single warning and no consequences for their first violation.

YouTube reviews its community guidelines with a new alert channel system that breaks the rules. The new system is intended to be clearer and more consistent. It's also the first time in nearly 10 years YouTube has updated the strike… Continue Reading →

Google publishes a 30-page article on how it fights against misinformation via YouTube, searches, news and announcements: product improvements, spam experience, context for users.

During the weekend, at the Munich security conference, Google presented a white paper explaining how it fought against misinformation about its biggest services. This includes efforts covering Google Search, News and YouTube, as well as advertising platforms. Disinformation in recent… Continue Reading →

Study: In 2017, approximately 17 million US content creators, up 16.6% yoy, gained approximately $ 6.8 billion, up 17% yoy, on nine leading platforms, including Instagram, Twitch, Tumblr and YouTube.

from everyone's department-creates A year ago, we wrote about a wonderful study that showed how much the Internet and its different platforms were (unlike the stories that traditional entertainment industries continue to spread) to allow more content creators to earn… Continue Reading →

The YouTube star for kids, Blippi, explains how he abused DMCA's withdrawal request to keep Harlem Shake Poop, an embarrassing viral video he'd played on in 2013, hidden on the Web.

On Wednesday night, BuzzFeed News released a successful survey report on Stevin John, the children's YouTuber more known as "Blippi." In 2013, Blippi, which has 3.6 million followers, has already played in a viral video of Harlem Shake, in which… Continue Reading →

YouTube announces no more conspiracy videos to recommend

Break news e-mails Receive news reports and special reports. The news and the stories that matter are delivered on weekday mornings. REGISTER February 10, 2019, 7:36 PM GMT From Kalhan Rosenblatt YouTube has announced that it will not recommend any… Continue Reading →

According to YouTube, its Explore experimental tab, similar to Instagram, has expanded beyond the iOS app to encompass more devices. It now suggests smaller and more promising creators.

YouTube expands the test of its "Explore" feature, a new discovery tool introduced for the first time on a trial basis in its iPhone app last year. Similar to Instagram's Explore page, the new YouTube feature is designed to introduce… Continue Reading →

YouTube stars pose as a scam

Dalvin Brown UNITED STATES TODAY & # 39; HUI Posted at 15:01 EST on 24 Jan 2019 YouTube – It's a place where millions of people engage in entertainment, an online platform where viral personalities can earn millions of dollars… Continue Reading →

YouTube makes conspiracy videos more difficult to find

SAN FRANCISCO – Whether it's a video claiming that the Earth is flat or that the moon landing has been simulated, conspiracy theories are not hard to find on YouTube. But in a significant political change, YouTube announced Friday that… Continue Reading →

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