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Uber and GM's Cruise Opened Their Autonomous Car Visualization Software, A Rare Initiative In An Extremely Competitive Autonomous World

To date, you've probably seen these graphic images from top to bottom of a stand-alone car as it sailed in a neon-colored world of yellow and purple boxes representing other cars and pedestrians. These images are used to translate the… Continue Reading →

Technology we use: Germany is wary of the digital world but loves its electronic toothbrushes

How do Grouvy Today journalists use technology in their work and in their personal lives? Melissa Eddy, a Times correspondent in Berlin, spoke about the technology she uses. What are the most important technical tools for your work and how… Continue Reading →

Discovery of a major shipwreck of the Second World War: discovery of a Japanese battleship by the United States

Major discovery: discovery of a Japanese battleship submerged by World War II A Japanese naval ship, the battleship Hiei, sunk November 14, 1942, was discovered. The Hiei is one of the first Japanese ships sunk by the United States during… Continue Reading →

Preview of New World, a colonization MMORPG that is expected to be Amazon's first video game to debut, five years after Amazon said it wants to create video games

Amazon's intrusion into the gaming industry is proof that no one can make their way to a hit. Five years have passed since the online retailer, which is worth more than most (if not all) major video game publishers, has… Continue Reading →

In the illicit world of "iCloud unlocking", where cyber criminals incite iPhone owners or Apple staff to remove their iCloud accounts to resell iPhones

In the spring of 2017, a teenager arrived behind a woman leaving the subway in northeastern Washington DC and put her in a choke: "Shut up," he said. And "delete your iCloud." He grabbed his iPhone 6S and escaped. Last… Continue Reading →

World Record Egg: On the road to mental health awareness

Ben Tobin UNITED STATES TODAY & # 39; HUI Posted 13h06 EST on 5 February 2019 The Instagram account @world_record_egg was originally designed as a fun way to challenge and question social media, according to its creators. However, the account… Continue Reading →

A medieval map indicates the richest man in the world, perhaps never

The Catalan Atlas, published in 1375, represents the richest man of his time: Mansa Musa, Emperor of Mali in the fourteenth century. (National Library of France) Who is the richest person to have ever lived? Drop this Forbes magazine –… Continue Reading →

Google states that Cloud Firestore, its server-free NoSQL document database for mobile, web, and IoT applications, is now available in 13 regions of the world.

Google announced today that Cloud Firestore, its NoSQL server-free document database for mobile, web, and IoT applications, is now available. In addition, Google also introduces some new features and extends the service to 10 new regions. With this launch, Google… Continue Reading →

Vodafone, one of the largest cell carriers in the world, stops buying Huawei equipment

LONDON – Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei suffered another shock on Friday when one of the world's largest mobile operators suspended its purchases from the company in Europe because of security concerns related to its links with the company. the Chinese… Continue Reading →

Tricks and Things: The Secret World of Power Reviewers of Amazon

In a Craigslist forum, for example, users have spent the past few weeks complaining about the sudden reduction of their queues. (They were restored shortly thereafter, but the posters were not satisfied with the following comment: "Mine was also replenished,… Continue Reading →

Counterpoint Research: India was the fastest growing smartphone market in the world in 2018 with around 145.2 million smartphones shipped, up 10% from the previous year; Xiaomi was the best seller

While smartphone shipments are falling around the world and in most markets, including the United States and China, at least one region has reported an unusual and growing appetite for phones: India About 145.2 million smartphones were shipped to India… Continue Reading →

Discussions with World Economic Forum leaders reveal that many are using automation to stay ahead of their competitors, regardless of their impact on workers.

"They always say it's more than the stock price," he said. "But in the end, if you fail, you're fired." Other experts have predicted that A.I will create more new jobs than it will eliminate, and the job losses caused… Continue Reading →

The art of the Internet, restored and out of the world

For many people, the term "art on the Internet" could evoke specific associations of a certain era – the 90s, hackers, Berlin, Web 1.0. These things are part of the history of digital art, but only make one part of… Continue Reading →

"Deep Blue", the largest white shark in the world, gives a close-up to the diver: "I thought my heart was going to explode".

Incredible images surfaced after a diver was spotted swimming alongside the world's largest white shark, a 20 foot mastodon called "Deep Blue". Diver and photographer Kimberly Jeffries was hoping to capture images of sharks in the water feeding on the… Continue Reading →

A.I. The policy is delicate. From all over the world, they came to Hash It Out.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Hal Abelson, a renowned computer scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was working in class, with the coffee cup in his hand, pacing. The subject was artificial intelligence and his students last week were mainly senior… Continue Reading →

Star Wars Open World Game Canceled: Report

EA has canceled an upcoming open-world game announced when it closes its Visceral Games studio in 2017. According to a report by Kotaku, it was under development at EA Vancouver. The Star Wars game called Orca and was in its… Continue Reading →

German submarine of the First World War discovered in northern France

More than a century after sinking into the sands of a beach in northern France, a German submarine from the First World War was unearthed. The UC-16 was stranded on the shores of Wissant, France, in July 1917, because of… Continue Reading →

Tim Cook: It's time to end the dark world of data brokers

Cook's initiative to open a public debate on the dark world of data brokers and the increase of data protection policies for Americans will undoubtedly be applauded by civil liberties unions and privacy advocates . However, his initiative will not… Continue Reading →

The best CEO in the world of technology? Nadella from Microsoft, hands down.

Over the years, many congratulations have been addressed to the leaders of large technology companies. Until recently, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Tim Cook of Apple and Sergey Brin of Alphabet, among others, were perceived by a… Continue Reading →

According to Google, Chrome's ad blocker, which follows the guidelines of the Coalition for Better Ads, will be deployed around the world on July 9th.

Google announced today that the Chrome ad blocker was spreading worldwide starting July 9, 2019. As with the initial deployment of the ad blocker last year, the date does not include the date blocker. is not linked to a specific… Continue Reading →

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