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The rise of voice computing is transforming web search by shifting the goal of providing links to only one correct answer to any query.

If you had visited the Cambridge University Library in the late '90s, you might have seen a lean young man, his face lit up by the glow of a laptop screen, camping on the shelves. William Tunstall-Pedoe had completed his… Continue Reading →

The YouTube star for kids, Blippi, explains how he abused DMCA's withdrawal request to keep Harlem Shake Poop, an embarrassing viral video he'd played on in 2013, hidden on the Web.

On Wednesday night, BuzzFeed News released a successful survey report on Stevin John, the children's YouTuber more known as "Blippi." In 2013, Blippi, which has 3.6 million followers, has already played in a viral video of Harlem Shake, in which… Continue Reading →

Instagram is now testing a web version of Direct messages

Insta chat addicts, rejoice. You can soon have memes and emoji's on your computer. Instagram internally tests a web version of Instagram Direct messaging that allows people to chat without the app. If, or more likely, when this is publicly… Continue Reading →

Q & A with Zynga's CEO on the reorganization of the once-besieged gaming company, as key acquisitions and the move to mobile overcome the decline of Facebook and web games

Zynga was made public in 2011, and it's developed rapidly thanks to the strength of social games like FarmVille. But that skidded in 2013 and the descent began. Frank Gibeau, a former Electronic Arts executive, joined the group as CEO… Continue Reading →

Long untouchable web giants now know what it feels like to be hunted

The most important question to be asked when a shocking tragedy comes to light is this: does this mean a scandal or a crisis? Scandals happen all the time in societies. They generate a lot of warmth, indignation and public… Continue Reading →

Los Angeles-based Signal-Based Web Security Start-up Company Signal Sciences Raises $ 35 Million in Leading Edge Capital-Directed C Series Funds and Protects Over 10,000 Applications

Signal Sciences, a Los Angeles-based company that is helping customers secure their Web applications, today announced a $ 35 million investment in the C-Series. Lead Edge Capital led the round (which seems appropriate, given its name). CRV, Index Ventures, Harrison… Continue Reading →

Microsoft uses AI to disseminate the Met's art collection on the Web and on your Instagram.

Microsoft has partnered with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for a series of hackathon projects. The projects combine the artificial intelligence expertise of the technology company with the Met's collection of works of art in order to… Continue Reading →

Top Web Browsers 2019: Firefox records a second consecutive month of growth in its shares

Mozilla Firefox ended a resurgence of two months this week, recovering some of the previously lost users' share to return to a level reached in mid-2018. The open source browser remains the only major browser to use a rendering engine… Continue Reading →

Google states that Cloud Firestore, its server-free NoSQL document database for mobile, web, and IoT applications, is now available in 13 regions of the world.

Google announced today that Cloud Firestore, its NoSQL server-free document database for mobile, web, and IoT applications, is now available. In addition, Google also introduces some new features and extends the service to 10 new regions. With this launch, Google… Continue Reading →

AWS launches WorkLink, a fully managed $ 5 per month per user service that aims to facilitate access to mobile intranet sites and web applications.

If your company uses a VPN and / or mobile device management service to give you access to its intranet and internal web applications, you know how annoying they are. AWS today launched a new product, Amazon WorkLink, that will… Continue Reading →

Twitter begins to deploy a simpler Web interface

Twitter is currently deploying a simplified web interface to select users. Twitter has now begun to roll out a new design for the Web that offers a simpler and sharper look. The social networking giant has opted for a two-column… Continue Reading →

AppRiver, a Florida-based cybersecurity firm that focuses on protecting email and the web, agrees to be purchased by email security firm Zix Corporation for $ 275 million.

Dallas-based Zix buys the AppRiver email security provider and, in doing so, takes a giant step in the channel, multiplying by 10 the number of its partners with a pencil stroke. The agreement is expected to create an e-mail heavyweight… Continue Reading →

Amazon Web Services Announces AWS Backup, a Fully Managed Centralized Service for Customers to Back Up Their Data Through AWS and Onsite Services

The centralized backup service allows customers to automate backups of their data more easily and cheaply while meeting business and regulatory requirements. State Street Corporation, Smile Brands and Rackspace among businesses using AWS Backup SEATTLE – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Jan…. Continue Reading →

The database "Collection No. 1", which claims to contain records of about 773 M unique e-mail addresses and 21 million passwords, some of which have been chopped, is displayed on the Web.

There are violations, there are megabreaches, and there is Equifax. However, a newly revealed treasure of disclosed data surpasses them all for their volume: 772,904,991 unique email addresses, over 21 million unique passwords, all recently posted on a hacking forum…. Continue Reading →

ES File Explorer has a hidden Web server; Data from 500 million users at risk

With regard to file exploration applications for Android, ES File Explorer is without a doubt one of the most popular applications. I use the application myself to manage the files and folders of my smartphone. However, the fact that ES… Continue Reading →

DuckDuckGo will use Apple Maps for local searches on the web.

DuckDuckGo has spent the last few years demonstrating that this is the search engine that can protect your privacy and is now trying to strengthen this claim with a new partner: Apple. He announced that Apple Maps will now optimize… Continue Reading →

The former homeless bringing web access to the Bronx

Copyright of the image Neture Legend Marlin Jenkins is trying to introduce broadband Internet in the poorest households The digital divide – the economic gap between those who have access to the Internet and those who do not – is… Continue Reading →

This graphic reveals the true dominance of Google on the Web

on April 20, 2018 at 12:48 The graphic of the week is a weekly feature of the Visual Capitalist on Fridays. Yes, we all know that Google is dominant in the field of research. But at the same time, the… Continue Reading →

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