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MPs immerse themselves in virtual reality issues

Copyright of the image Getty Images Legend Virtual reality is being integrated into a range of industries but remains unregulated, MPs have been heard Experts called for more regulation of immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality… Continue Reading →

How channels like Cinemark and AMC are testing high-end and multiplayer immersive virtual reality experiences in selected cinemas

Once upon a time, the company with the biggest screens in the world made a big bet on virtual reality. Imax has opened seven virtual reality centers in movie theaters around the world, each featuring a rotating selection of games,… Continue Reading →

Fortnite: Marshmello's Virtual Concert 'Millions Assist'

Copyright of the image Marshmello / Fortnite Legend Marshmello hosted the first Fortnite concert live from the Pleasant Park game area Move on Adam Levine. While the singer of Maroon 5 was courting controversy on Sunday for his half-time show… Continue Reading →

At the heart of the financial crisis of Starbreeze, after the video game studio slammed the release of The Walking Dead from Overkill and made big investments in virtual reality and in other areas

At the 2016 Christmas meeting of Starbreeze, which was held in a movie theater near the studio's headquarters in Stockholm, CEO Bo Andersson told staff that the company was in poor health. Payday 2, a first-person cooperative shooter from Steam,… Continue Reading →

Sandbox VR, which offers virtual reality experiences in seven public locations, such as shopping malls in the US, Canada and Asia, raises $ 68 million from Series A to expand to new locations.

Steve Zhao, founder of Sandbox VR, believes his company goes against all the major trends in technology and investment. But Sandbox VR also brings a lot of fun when you live it – which allowed the virtual reality startup to… Continue Reading →

Hamlet & # 39; in virtual reality throws the viewer into the game

Hamlet is in a bathtub with water up to his neck delivering "To be or not to be". Look to your right and you will see his mother, Gertrude, putting on makeup. Look away and you will see Laertes exercise… Continue Reading →

Virtual Cities: Designing the Metropolises of the Future

Copyright of the image Getty Images Legend Cities of the future will be informed by the data as much as by their design Simulation software capable of creating accurate "digital twins" of entire cities allows planners, designers and engineers to… Continue Reading →

Talking about horses and perfect faces: the rise of virtual celebrities

Copyright of the image Dengeki online Legend Virtual YouTubers are animated characters, often anonymously controlled by human users. Another type of celebrity on the Internet is emerging; Virtual characters who talk on YouTube or pose on Instagram like to live,… Continue Reading →

Cybershoes are a visceral way of moving in virtual reality at CES 2019

Cybershoes had a crazy success Kickstarter It is therefore logical that they make their appearance at CES 2019. After a short period with the peripheral foot, we can sincerely say that they do exactly what they say on the pot:… Continue Reading →

Audi is dividing its VR division into a new startup called Holoride, which announces a partnership with Disney to create virtual reality experiences for the rear passengers.

Iron Man needs help. Some villains of Thanos pursue him in outer space. Rocket Raccoon and I rush to his rescue. We did some jumps using the universal neuron teleportation network, and a few minutes later we helped crush the… Continue Reading →

Marc Andreessen: the sound will be "titanically important" and the virtual reality will be "1,000" times larger than the AR

In a new podcast a16z with the founders of the venture capital firm Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, there's something for everyone: recommendations from Andreessen's TV show to the secret of Horowitz to the excellent barbecue. (That's about right "time",… Continue Reading →

Cultural conflict: Google's urban expansion projects have nothing virtual about it

Google's distant headquarters on the edge of the bay. (Image: Tom Foremski) You do not need a physical location. You can create a virtual business overnight with the help of Google's cloud computing services. Your employees connect from home using… Continue Reading →

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