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CrowdStrike: Russian state-sponsored hackers put less than 20 minutes to start moving sideways in the network of a targeted organization after an initial violation

According to CrowdStrike's report on the global threat 2019, hackers sponsored by the Russian state need less than 20 minutes to start moving laterally within the network of a targeted organization after the initial violation . Last year, the security… Continue Reading →

YouTube is updating the community guidelines with a new system for chains breaking rules, which now receives a single warning and no consequences for their first violation.

YouTube reviews its community guidelines with a new alert channel system that breaks the rules. The new system is intended to be clearer and more consistent. It's also the first time in nearly 10 years YouTube has updated the strike… Continue Reading →

According to critics, India's proposed Internet rules could allow Indian officials to force companies to abolish posts, in violation of constitutional guarantees relating to freedom of expression.

Google and Facebook have declined to comment beyond the deposits made by the industry groups to which they belong. Twitter, who swears with the Indian parliament after claiming to delete the right-wing content, said in a statement that he hoped… Continue Reading →

Investigation: dozens of gaming and gambling and gaming applications found with the help of iOS business certificates to reach users outside the App Store, in violation of Apple's terms of use

Facebook and Google were far from the only developers to have overtly abused the Apple Enterprise Certificate Program for companies offering employee-only apps. A TechCrunch survey uncovered a dozen hardcore porn applications and a dozen real-money gaming apps outside Apple's… Continue Reading →

The violation of EE data has led to criminal harassment "

Legend Ms. Bonafede stated that the experience was "painful" An EE client stated that he had been harassed by a former partner who worked for the company after gaining access to his personal data without authorization. The number of Francesca… Continue Reading →

An online data leak on the HIV registry in Singapore in violation of health

Copyright of the image EPA Legend Singapore has released a photo of US citizen Mikhy Farrera-Brochez, who they say is behind the leak Confidential data concerning more than 14,000 HIV-positive people, including foreign visitors, were stolen in Singapore and disclosed… Continue Reading →

An investigation revealed that Facebook was paying people to install a VPN "Facebook Research" to collect data on the phone's usage habits, which could constitute a violation of Apple's policy.

Desperate by the data of its competitors, Facebook has secretly paid people to install a VPN "Facebook Research" that allows the company to register any phone and web activity of a user. , similar to Facebook's Onavo Protect app, banned… Continue Reading →

Facebook launches the Page Quality tab for administrators, indicating when content is removed for rule violation and when post-distribution is reduced due to fact checking

We take new steps in the way we treat the content of the page in violation of our policies. First, starting tomorrow, people who manage a page will see a new tab that indicates when we remove certain content that… Continue Reading →

Vietnam accuses Facebook of failing to remove "defamatory content" in violation of the cybersecurity law that came into force on Jan. 1

Well, it did not take long. We are in less than 10 days in 2019 and Vietnam is already targeting threats against Facebook for violating the draconian cybersecurity law that came into effect on January 1st. US social network accused… Continue Reading →

Marriott Reveals New Details in Starwood Data Violation

On January 4, Marriott International disclosed revised information about the massive data breach involving its Starwood Hotels division. The update includes both good news and bad news about the impact of the data breach. First, the good news: Originally, Marriott… Continue Reading →

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