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I interviewed six major companies in Silicon Valley in six days and came across six job offers.

Introduction and statistics I knew I was looking for a job in the San Francisco Bay area where I could really evolve from a mobile point of view in a big company. I've already worked in startups and I loved… Continue Reading →

Why do we continue to praise Silicon Valley for reinventing the wheel?

During a good period of the Middle Ages, Europeans have completely forgotten how to concretize. The Roman recipe for difficult things – opus caementicium – was lost for about 600 years after the fall of the empire, and the modern… Continue Reading →

Review: Valley of the Boom captures the madness of Silicon Valley

Enlarge / The packaging could not be more perfect if it contained an AOL CD. The first Internet commerce boom has paved the way for much of today's world. IPOs and insane valuations, technology companies with no obvious business model,… Continue Reading →

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