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China's Internet censorship approves new regulations for start-up blockchain, requiring registration of users' names, censorship of content, etc., starting Feb. 15.

The Chinese Internet censorship agency has approved a set of rules for blockchain service providers in the country that will come into effect in mid-February. The Chinese Cyberspace Administration (CAC) released its new "Blockchain Information Services Management Regulation" on Thursday,… Continue Reading →

In the midst of a legal battle in Los Angeles against alleged data mining practices, the IBM Weather Corporation unveils hyperlocal weather forecasts, which exploit data from users' smartphone sensors.

While the City of Los Angeles is suing IBM, accusing it of secretly ransacking user data in the Weather Channel application in the United States, it is currently testing the problem of another meteorological function. hyperlocal that, coincidentally, relies on… Continue Reading →

Q & A with Neil Vogel, CEO of Dotdash, about the rise and fall of and its transformation into a modern network of sites answering Internet users' questions

On the last episode of Recode the support with Peter Kafka, Dotdash CEO Neil Vogel joined Peter in our studio to talk about a story of media reversal: his team took over an aging Internet property, the very powerful,… Continue Reading →

The Weather Channel application accused of selling users' personal data

A farmer uses a mobile app while working in a rice field on the outskirts of Yangon. New smartphone apps provide farmers with up-to-date information on everything from weather and climate change to crop prices, advice on pesticides and fertilizers…. Continue Reading →

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