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Epic Takes On The Release Of Revolutionary Fortnite Updates Before Major Tournaments

It's been less than a year since Epic Games launched the competitive circuit for Fortnite, but the company claims to have learned enough to substantially change its balance between the mainstream version of the game and that played by professionals… Continue Reading →

Deepin Linux 15.9 came out with support for touch screen gestures and faster updates

Deepin 15.9 was released today two months after the update of Deepin 15.8, adding an additional layer of improvements and performance optimizations, but also some new features for fans of this system operating system based on Linux. Made up of… Continue Reading →

Unity updates ToS so that any third-party software, such as SpatialOS of Improbable, can be used with its game engine, following last week's testing.

This change means that the unlikely company, the company behind SpatialOS, a cloud-based server platform that helps developers create games with vast and persistent worlds, does not violate plus the conditions of Unity. SpatialOS is not officially supported, which means… Continue Reading →

Sources: Microsoft has begun adapting Windows to devices with dual displays and foldable displays, operating system updates, and built-in applications.

Microsoft is working on adapting Windows to work on collapsible devices. Sources close to Microsoft projects say The edge that the software maker makes foldable devices and dual-screen hardware a big investment area for Windows and Surface. This investment includes… Continue Reading →

Salesforce updates Commerce Cloud with recommendations based on AI

In an effort to make a splash at the National Retail Federation's big conference in New York on Jan. 14, Salesforce presented a major update to its Commerce Cloud platform, which is expected to be widely available in the first… Continue Reading →

Microsoft is releasing a new preview of Windows 10 that reserves about 7 GB of disk space for updates, applications, and so on, to ensure that the critical functions of the operating system still have the same features. ;space.

Microsoft today released a new preview of Windows 10 with improvements in disk space management, this PC's reboot, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The update forces Windows 10 from version 18309 (made available to testers on January 3)… Continue Reading →

Twitter to test status updates, Tweets & # 39; Ice Breaker & # 39; with thousands of users

Twitter needs to spark healthy conversations. That's why thousands of users have been able to test new features such as status updates and anti-ice tweets, which will be the case. (Pixabay) Twitter is about to publicly launch a new program… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Updates Group Discussion Teams with Location Sharing, Secure Audio Messaging, and Camera Function to Save Photos Safely on Teams and Not Locally

Credit: Microsoft Last fall, Microsoft unveiled a number of new features for its Teams group discussion platform for front-line workers. On January 9, Microsoft announced plans to add even more features unique to front-line operators to teams. Front-line workers are… Continue Reading →

AT & T has deployed software updates for some Android phones, changing the "5G E" of the 4G LTE brand, indicating that the 5G with mmWave technology will call "5G +".

Enlarge / AT & T's 5G is accompanied by an asterisk. A new cellular network technology is being studied and the entire industry is joining to move from 4G LTE to 5G mmWave. The 5G upgrade will require new modem… Continue Reading →

Windows 10: individual users will soon be able to suspend updates, but only for 7 days

In the next version of Windows 10, Windows 10 Home users can for the first time be able to suspend Windows updates for up to seven days. Microsoft was testing the new Windows Update setting in Windows 19H1 preview versions… Continue Reading →

CES 2018 Technical Updates: Late Nvidia's HDR 4K 65 "gaming monitors, slow Aibo send from Sony, Intel processors with poorly adopted AMD graphics

Every January, technology companies visit the CES Las Vegas to present their latest news and create the greatest buzz around their brand by imagining gadgets of the future. Many of these out of the ordinary concepts are never seen again,… Continue Reading →

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