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Benchmark Awards 2019 Finalist: Eric Jiang, Monash University

Eric Jiang, an undergraduate student at Monash University, has appealed to university staff by successfully designing and deploying an automated online tool that simplifies the student course planning experience. . The myPlan project started in October 2016 as an open… Continue Reading →

As a result of major technology scandals, discover how Stanford University is re-evaluating its role in training future Silicon Valley employees and executives.

At Stanford University's business school, above the stage where Elizabeth Holmes once regurgitated the myths of Silicon Valley, a whistle splashes with blood. More than 500 people came together to hear the true story of Theranos, the $ 9 billion… Continue Reading →

A university student who stole more than $ 5 million in cryptocurrency via SIM card misappropriation attacks is sentenced to 10 years in prison and is the first person to be sentenced for this type of crime

A student who stole more than $ 5 million in cryptocurrency by hijacking the phone numbers of about 40 victims pleaded guilty and accepted a 10-year prison plea deal, Motherboard learned. Joel Ortiz accepted the plea agreement last week, said… Continue Reading →

Disgust at the decision of the cat for rape at the university

Copyright of the image Megan Wain "I think it's disgusting.It's the culture of rape." Allowing people to behave in this way perpetuates society's belief that "boys will be boys" ". Megan is a student in history and politics at the… Continue Reading →

Researchers at the University of British Columbia develop a video game on climate change for use in the classroom

A team of researchers from the University of British Columbia is creating a video game where Vancouver high school students will discover how their individual choices can minimize the effects of climate change. The game, entitled Our Future Community, would… Continue Reading →

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