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IBM calls time on Watson Workspace, its rival

IBM has decided to stop support for its Watson Workspace team discussion application, citing a lack of traction on the part of customers. The decision follows the sale of IBM's software assets – including legacy collaboration applications such as IBM… Continue Reading →

Netflix estimates that it accounts for 10% of the time spent in US television and shares the audience figures of some movies and television series, such as the audience of 80 million Bird Box households.

Netflix has over 130 million customers watching its TV shows and movies. But for years, the company refused to tell others how many of those customers watched a particular show or movie. Now this is starting to change. Netflix said… Continue Reading →

Tim Cook: It's time to end the dark world of data brokers

Cook's initiative to open a public debate on the dark world of data brokers and the increase of data protection policies for Americans will undoubtedly be applauded by civil liberties unions and privacy advocates . However, his initiative will not… Continue Reading →

Telstra to get extra time for CustomNet output

Telstra is likely to postpone its scheduled release from the provision of CustomNet services to emergency and other services by nine months until January 2020. CustomNet – which provides enterprise telephony between handsets for collaboration purposes – is one of… Continue Reading →

CES 2019: consumers respond in real time to flagship product announcements

CES is the big technology show that geeks and technology companies look forward to every year. But how much do consumers really like what they see, as was unveiled at the Las Vegas Technology Show? Apparently, the average consumer is… Continue Reading →

Test time for second wave scooter starts

Investors are still injecting millions of dollars into scooter startups, even if their valuation is sometimes flat. At the same time, some money flows in the opposite direction, in case cities have realized the importance of prioritizing the needs of… Continue Reading →

For the first time in the third quarter of 2018, cloud computing hardware far outstrips traditional configurations

Abacus-strummer IDC recorded quarterly revenues from its IT infrastructure (servers, storage and Ethernet switches) for the cloud, which officially reduced past sales in traditional environments. In a report released this week and based on its quarterly tracker of cloud computing… Continue Reading →

After reviewing Apple's guidelines, it's time to focus on the company

To say that Apple's statement to investors when revising its quarterly forecasts caught the attention of the technology sector would be a euphemism. This statement, which focused primarily on iPhone sales in China as the main cause of multi-billion dollar… Continue Reading →

Microsoft is trying to take back the Chromebook one more time

If I were responsible for Microsoft, in addition to fully adopting Linux for the desktop, I would give up trying to challenge Google's Chromebooks with lighter versions of Windows. It did not work before, and it will not work anymore…. Continue Reading →

Amelia Earhart would have a hard time disappearing in 2019

When Amelia Earhart took off in 1937 to go around the world, people had been flying for about 35 years. When she tried to fly across the Pacific, she – and the whole world – knew that it was risky…. Continue Reading →

Sonos has announced the launch of a private beta test of the Google Assistant integration, announced for the first time in 2017, with the goal of deploying it later this year.

January 8, 2019 11:00 PT Sonos has launched a Google Assistant private beta test on its smart speakers and plans to launch the integration to the public this year. Google Assistant will be directly integrated with speakers with voice input,… Continue Reading →

Google launches the Google Assistant for Smart Screens and Speakers mode to translate languages ​​in real time for people living in the same physical space

Over the past year, Google has made its virtual assistant, Google's eponymous helper, more capable of handling usually difficult or arduous conversations. Need to make a reservation for dinner by picking up the phone and talking to a real human… Continue Reading →

Hulu claims to have passed the 25 million mark by the end of 2018, an increase of about 47% year on year, with avg. daily monitoring time up 20% for the year; advertising revenues increased by 45% + over one year to about $ 1.5 billion

Hulu keeps the course on the metal in the race for streaming television: the company said it has closed the year 2018 with more than 25 million subscribers in total, a net gain of $ 8 million for # 39;… Continue Reading →

How was this the first time we made protons and neutrons?

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " The internal structure of a proton, with quarks, gluons and quark spin is shown. The nuclear force acts as a spring, with negligible force when it is unstretched but has significant and attractive… Continue Reading →

Apple issues earnings warning for the first time since 2007

Apple has reduced its sales forecast for its last quarter. Chief Executive Tim Cook blamed the slowdown in iPhone sales in China, whose economy has been slowed by uncertainties over trade relations between the two countries. The news rocked Apple's… Continue Reading →

Big Miss of Apple: It's time to stop messing around

In retrospect, Apple's warning about weaker-than-expected iPhone sales is quite predictable, as trade wars, political and civil insecurity and tribalism reinforce their grip on companies that should really know better . Difficult moments Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a statement… Continue Reading →

Salesforce Marc Benioff Talks Technology Ethics, Time Magazine and Vacation

The most recent example is Proposal C, which appeared on the November ballot in San Francisco. The measure called on city corporations with revenues greater than $ 50 million to pay a tax equal to 0.5% of gross receipts for… Continue Reading →

Atlas is a discouraging wreck of MMOs that waste your time

Grapeshot Games, a sister studio of the makers of Ark: Survival Evolved, Calls Its New Pirates-Based Survival MMO Atlasa word bubbling with promises of great adventure and discovery. And that's right, there is a little bit of that. But the… Continue Reading →

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health of the United Kingdom says there is little evidence to support claims that the time spent in front of a screen is dangerous for children's health

How bad should we be worried about the use of children by screens? It's difficult, as a parent, not to worry. Notably because we are constantly surrounded by painful warnings about how smartphones have "destroyed a generation". The problem is… Continue Reading →

Time on fixed lines halved in five years, says Ofcom

Copyright of the image Getty Images Legend Many young people interviewed did not understand that the area codes had a geographical meaning A new study by Ofcom suggests that even if the use of fixed lines continues to decline, phone… Continue Reading →

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