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US investigates Huawei for theft of trade secrets

Copyright of the image Reuters Legend Huawei is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world The United States is reported to be investigating Huawei for "stealing trade secrets" from its US trading partners in the latest action against… Continue Reading →

Epic's Fortnite fail: an old UT2004 server used for validation of the concept of connection theft

Crafty infosec bods exploited the XSS vulnerabilities in the dusty corners of Epic Games 'web infrastructure to steal Fortnite players' login tokens and compromise their accounts – using a real URL Epic Games to boost their brands. Infosec biz Check… Continue Reading →

German data theft: the suspect confesses to Hesse

Copyright of the image EPA Legend The user @ _0rbit tweeted new information every day in December A 20-year-old man confessed in a "global" manner that he was at the origin of a data breach affecting hundreds of prominent Germans,… Continue Reading →

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