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Next year, Microsoft will test some Windows 10 testers with a 2020 feature upgrade

Microsoft took Friday the unprecedented step of ignoring one of its feature upgrades of Windows 10 when it began distributing a preview of the first 2020 update to the volunteers. more daring test. Usually, when a feature upgrade is about… Continue Reading →

Slack offers Block Kit, its visually appealing application creation tool, usually available, and introduces Block Kit Builder, which allows you to design and test applications.

Today, Slack has developed its kit tool to create more visually appealing applications. The Slack applications directory currently has more than 1,500 applications, and the Slack platform for creating applications and automated robots dates back to 2015. The company has… Continue Reading →

Uber launches Ludwig, an open source IA toolbox built on TensorFlow that allows users to train and test artificial intelligence models without having to write code.

Do you want to seriously immerse yourself in the development of artificial intelligence (AI), but find the piece of programming daunting? Do not worry, Uber supports you. Ludwig, the driving giant, debuted today, an open source "toolbox" built on Google's… Continue Reading →

Swiss government invites hackers to test e-voting system

The Swiss government will make its future electronic voting system available for a public intrusion test and now invites companies and security researchers to launch it. "Interested hackers around the world are welcome to attack the system," the government said… Continue Reading →

Russia must disconnect from the Internet as part of a planned test

Russian authorities and leading Internet service providers plan to disconnect the country from the Internet as part of a planned experiment, reported last week the Russian news agency RosBiznesKonsalting (RBK ). The purpose of the experiment is to collect information… Continue Reading →

Google allows some users to test the AR navigation feature for Google Maps

At last year's I / O developer conference, Google demonstrated a new augmented reality feature for Google Maps that lets people follow the directions from your phone's camera in real-time. As my colleague Chaim Gartenberg pointed out, it looks a… Continue Reading →

Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350 – Test: This ergonomic keyboard needs better keys

The Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350 keyboard features a slightly curved and contoured keyboard. This could be suitable for typists with painful wrists and tendons. However, while we love the spacious keyboard design, padded palm rest, and programmable shortcut key range,… Continue Reading →

DNA test company FamilyTreeDNA collaborates with the FBI and allows agents to search for its 1M + DNA profiles, raising users' concerns about data privacy.

Family Tree DNA, one of the largest private genetic testing companies whose home testing kits allow people to trace their ancestors and reunite with their parents, collaborate with the FBI and allow agents to view its vast base of genealogy… Continue Reading →

How Telegram's groups and channels, with their free hacked content and supergroup function, are becoming popular in India for test preparation

"Mentor" Harshit has a bit of Byju Raveendran in him. As a teenager, as he grew up in Kanpur, Harshit Shukla was a math follower, teaching his friends and even helping to create a math club at school. Later, B.Sc…. Continue Reading →

Sennheiser GSP 600 Test: A first audio alternative to your typical gaming headset

The conventional wisdom is: "Jump the game headset and buy a great headset and a standalone microphone for the same price". And why not? Most of the headsets we are looking at come from well-known companies such as Logitech, Razer… Continue Reading →

HP Specter Folio Test: the unique design of the hinges and the leather finish are nice, but the 16: 9 screen seems cramped and the trackpad is horrible

Nothing really looks like HP's new Specter Folio. In recent years, the concept of a "laptop" has been constant. There are traditional clamshell models, largely derived from Apple's MacBook Air design. There are 360-style convertibles with swivel screens for tablet… Continue Reading →

Boeing enters the autonomous flying taxi race with a first successful flight test

Boeing There are many startups trying to launch their own flying taxi projects, but now that the concept is proven, the big boys and girls are getting ready to act. One of them, the multinational aerospace giant, Boeing, has just… Continue Reading →

Twitter is testing an "Original Tweeter" tag to better see who has started a thread; the test has been extended to "a small percentage" of iOS and Android users

Twitter is testing a new tag that will facilitate the analysis of those who have started a thread. The new feature, which is starting to appear for some users, makes it easy to search for original tweeter messages in a… Continue Reading →

Twitter test & # 39; Original Tweeter & # 39; tag to distinguish who started a thread

Twitter tests a new tag that makes it easier to analyze who started a discussion. The new feature, which starts to pop up for some users, makes it easier to find messages from the original tweeter within a thread, but… Continue Reading →

Macworld February Digital Magazine: The Apple iPhone XR Test

Every day, Macworld brings you the essentials of daily news and other information on everything related to Apple. But staying at the top of this flood of information can be a constant challenge. One solution: the Macworld digital magazine. In… Continue Reading →

Mozilla confirms that it kills Firefox Test Pilot

This Fox was an experienced user of the test pilot THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION announced the end of the pilot testing program for the new features of the Firefox browser. The nonprofit has confirmed that, far from being unsuccessful, it is… Continue Reading →

Facebook states that it will test a feature stories for sharing events on iOS and Android for users in the US, Brazil and Mexico.

Facebook continues to experience the most controversial period in its history in the face of numerous scandals related to data privacy, misinformation and misinformation, as well as broader issues related to the corrosive role of the social network in democratic… Continue Reading →

MS publishes KB 4476976, a cumulative update test Win10 1809, in the insider preview ring. Bravo!

If Microsoft's proofreaders continue, people might start thinking they know what they are doing. Last night, we watched the release of KB 4476976, which is a fix for bug fixes for Win10 version 1809. The fix itself is not remarkable… Continue Reading →

Test time for second wave scooter starts

Investors are still injecting millions of dollars into scooter startups, even if their valuation is sometimes flat. At the same time, some money flows in the opposite direction, in case cities have realized the importance of prioritizing the needs of… Continue Reading →

Research shows that large self-reported Facebook users make impaired decisions, such as addicts, according to a classic test of maximizing rewards

Researchers at Michigan State University are exploring the idea that "social media addiction" is more than just a joke about being online. Their article, titled "An Excessive Number of Social Media Users Demonstrate Impaired Decision Making in the Iowa Gambling… Continue Reading →

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