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Square launches the Square Card, a debit card for small businesses, which gives them immediate access to the money of sales made on their Square payment system.

The company said it was solving a problem for small businesses that had to wait several days before they had access to money from a credit card sale. "The Square Card extends our ecosystem by offering instant deposit," said Alyssa… Continue Reading →

Government review: Trump admin lack of integrated data system to track separated families, ad hoc records likely mean that thousands more children are separated than disclosed

They kept the children in cages. And Excel spreadsheets. And over 60 other government files and databases that made it nearly impossible to track thousands of children separated from their parents by the Trump administration while they were trying to… Continue Reading →

Astronomers find an unusual system of quadruple stars with a disk forming a single planet

"Like a big wheel with the carousel in the center." Scientists discovered a binary system in which a protoplanetary disk aligned in the poles of stars. According to the researchers, the planets would then be formed and their orbit would… Continue Reading →

Perceptin's visual perception system for trains has a range of 1,000 meters

Lidar laser-based sensors that produce depth data by measuring distance from objects – are the cornerstone of Waymo's self-driving systems, Uber, Google's parent company, among others. They have been employed for decades in space travel (during the Apollo 15 mission)… Continue Reading →

Sources: Microsoft has begun adapting Windows to devices with dual displays and foldable displays, operating system updates, and built-in applications.

Microsoft is working on adapting Windows to work on collapsible devices. Sources close to Microsoft projects say The edge that the software maker makes foldable devices and dual-screen hardware a big investment area for Windows and Surface. This investment includes… Continue Reading →

National real-time intelligence system quietly earns an additional $ 59 million

The federal government doubled its investment in the new national crime information system, approving an additional $ 59.1 million for the first phase of construction. The additional funds allocated to the project were quietly handed over to the Australian Criminal… Continue Reading →

This Quadruple Star system is different from anything we've seen before

Artistic representation of HD 98800, featuring the protoplanetary disk and the internal binary pair. The external binary pair is not shown. Image: University of Warwick / Mark Garlick Astronomers using the ALMA telescope have discovered a disk forming a planet… Continue Reading →

Microsoft is releasing a new preview of Windows 10 that reserves about 7 GB of disk space for updates, applications, and so on, to ensure that the critical functions of the operating system still have the same features. ;space.

Microsoft today released a new preview of Windows 10 with improvements in disk space management, this PC's reboot, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The update forces Windows 10 from version 18309 (made available to testers on January 3)… Continue Reading →

ClearMotion, which is developing a software-controlled active suspension system for cars, raises $ 115 million Series D led by Franklin Templeton Investments

[[[[Corrected 13:02 ET. See below.]The start-up in automatic technology ClearMotion said that its active suspension system promised a smooth ride smoothly on rough terrain, ready for prime time. The Boston-area company claims to have raised $ 115 million in Series… Continue Reading →

IBM creates Q System One to sell quantum capacity

IBM has made sufficient progress in its quantum computing initiative to produce a system that can operate outside a research lab, providing the opportunity to rent access. The provider is one of many corporate players to have made announcements at… Continue Reading →

IBM unveils its first commercial quantum computer, a 20-bit system that combines quantum and conventional computing components and still lacks a top speed

At CES, IBM announced today the launch of its first commercial quantum computer for use outside the lab. The 20-bit system combines the quantum and conventional computing components needed to use a machine of this type for research and commercial… Continue Reading →

Nvidia launches Drive AutoPilot, an automated driving system for level 2+ autonomous cars, says its partners will start sending cars using this system in 2020

Nvidia has announced that its Drive AutoPilot is the first automated driving system that meets the standards for autonomous cars of Level 2 and above. This means that the car can automatically manage steering, acceleration and deceleration in the driver's… Continue Reading →

Contributor IDG Network: 5 little secrets from your system integrator

Over the past 20 to 30 years, we have continued to read that companies are blowing up their computer-based budgets and transformation schedules. At least one new study published each year shows that 30% to 60% of all major projects… Continue Reading →

IBM Q System One is a quantum computing system

As usual, this week's CES technical conference in Las Vegas is the occasion for a profusion of product announcements that we will not see the likes of following CES year. There are huge televisions at Honkin, of course. And fancy… Continue Reading →

Lutron adds control of fans to its intelligent lighting system during CES 2019

Lutron Caseta switches Is there something in a house that will not be smart finally? This week we saw smart toilets, robot kitchens and about a decade of video bells before CES 2019. Therefore, the news that Lutron Electronics will… Continue Reading →

Ikea's smart blind system will be launched next month with HomeKit, prices start at around $ 110

We first heard about Ikea's plans to enter the smart blind market in November, but the details were rare at that time. This week, however, Ikea Smartshades officially appeared on the company's website in Europe. Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip Discovered… Continue Reading →

Samsung's first SoC for cars, Exynos Auto V9, will support up to 6 screens and 12 camera connections. It will debut in the new Audi infotainment system in 2021.

Samsung Electronics will supply its latest 8-nanometer processors to Audi's next-generation multimedia information system. The South Korean technology giant Exynos Auto V9 contains eight ARM Cortex-A76 cores – with a maximum speed of 2.1 GHz – and will be used… Continue Reading →

New year count and the most distant flyby of the solar system

On January 1, 2019, it was 30 hours 30 minutes. We were just ringing at the beginning of the year, but we were about to do another countdown – the one we all expected. I found myself stuck among a… Continue Reading →

New side channel leak: Boffins bash operating system page cached until it reveals its secrets

Some of the IT security executives who uncovered speculative execution flaws that leaked data last year have identified another secondary channel attack that can bypass the security protections of modern systems. While secondary channel attacks, such as Specter and Meltdown,… Continue Reading →

Bezos announces plans to help populate the solar system

The mega-billionaire Jeff Bezos predicts one day a population explosion of 1 trillion humans in the solar system – and says his rocket company, Blue Origin, will help pave the way. At the Wired Technology Summit's 25th Anniversary Summit in… Continue Reading →

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