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How the success of Netflix's Bird Box movie, which was watched by 58% of its users during its first month, drove the virtuous cycle of Netflix as an aggregator

Bird box, the original Netflix movie, began airing on December 21 while I was on vacation. This may explain why most of my exposure to Netflix Original has gone through NBA Twitter – and that most of this exposure has… Continue Reading →

Facebook's journalistic funding does not guarantee the success of high-quality news stories on its platform, which would avoid the need for such monetary injections.

Facebook pop-up installation at Bryant Park in Manhattan. Photo: Sam Thielman During the past yearanyone who is related to journalism, its current problems or concerns about its future has probably found itself in a room with a Facebook leader. If… Continue Reading →

Network of IDG contributors: the viewpoint of a CIO on the formula of people, processes and technologies for the success of the company

When Harold Leavitt invented the phrase people, process and technology In his 1964 article, Applied Organization Changes in Industry, he had never imagined how often it would be used to identify the key elements of a company's success. However, many… Continue Reading →

China Moon Landing: China declares lunar mission a success

China has many reasons to celebrate here in early 2019, not just because it's a new year. The country's space agency, the CNSA, successfully landed its lunar lander Chang'e 4 on the far side of the moon and deployed a… Continue Reading →

IDG Contributor Network: Strategic IT Governance 2.0 A Business Imperative for Competition Success

As you enter 2019, you are probably among the many CIOs around the world considering strategic goals and thinking about how to carry out the growing number of strategic projects without a significant proportional increase in your IT budget. And… Continue Reading →

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