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Filing with the SEC: Spotify paid approximately $ 337 million for the purchase of Gimlet Media and Anchor; Spotify told investors that it plans to spend between $ 500 and $ 500 million in total on acquisitions of podcasts in 2019

Broadcast giant Spotify has spent about $ 300 million, about $ 337 million, to buy podcasting companies – producer Gimlet Media and service provider Anchor FM Inc., the company said. The contracts for Gimlet and Anchor, announced last week, were… Continue Reading →

Spotify says it has paid $ 340 million to buy Gimlet and Anchor

Spotify doubled last week on podcasts with a double deal to buy podcast networks Gimlet and Anchor. Those acquisitions were initially not announced, but Spotify has quietly confirmed that it has spent € 300 million, only a pittance of $… Continue Reading →

Illegal software distributors use iOS enterprise developer certificates to distribute pirated versions of popular applications such as Spotify and Minecraft

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Hackers have diverted technology designed by Apple Inc. to distribute pirated versions of Spotify, Angry Birds, Pokemon Go, Minecraft and other popular applications on iPhones, revealed Reuters. Illegal software vendors such as TutuApp, Panda Helper, AppValley,… Continue Reading →

Spotify & # 39; s quest to become the king of podcasts

Daniel Ek from Spotify outlined a new company manifesto entitled Audio First to explain the next step in its evolution. Now online video ads are falling and people want to spend less time on their devices, audio becomes an attractive… Continue Reading →

Spotify will now suspend or terminate accounts that are determined to use adblockers

Spotify will work harder for adblockers in the updated Terms of Service. In an e-mail to today's users, the streaming music and podcast platform said its new user guidelines "mak[e] it is clear that all types of ad blockers, bots… Continue Reading →

Why Spotify bets a lot on podcasting

Sales of podcasting amounted to $ 314 million in 2017, according to a third-party survey that was released last summer. It is a large number for what is traditionally considered a niche and difficult to make money with medium, but… Continue Reading →

Spotify is serious about podcasts with two acquisitions

Spotify is fully committed to building a podcast network today. The giant for streaming music has taken over Gimlet Media and Anchor to improve the podcast data, because the company strives to increase its market share on the podcast market…. Continue Reading →

Spotify buys Gimlet Media, a podcast producer and its network, according to sources at a cost of about $ 230 million, and Anchor, which facilitates the registration and distribution of podcasts by users

Spotify is a streaming music company that also wants to become a podcast company. Spotify not only acquired Gimlet Media, a podcast producer and network, for about $ 230 million – a contract Recode told you about – last week… Continue Reading →

Spotify Eyes Gimlet, As Podcast Deals Rise

The Swedish streaming giant Spotify is reportedly "in advanced talks" to buy Gimlet Media for more than $ 200 million, according to Recode. That move would be important for a number of reasons. First, it would mark Spotify's first purchase… Continue Reading →

Source: Spotify in advanced discussion to acquire popular podcast producer Gimlet for more than $ 200 million; Gimlet would be the first purchase of an original content creator by Spotify

Spotify, which is trying to distinguish itself from the streaming music industry, is preparing to launch its first major step in podcasting: it plans to spend more than 200 million dollars to buy Gimlet Media, the start-up at the origin… Continue Reading →

Spotify is in conversation to buy podcast startup Gimlet

Spotify is trying to make the first step to podcasting: it plans to pay more than $ 200 million to buy Gimlet Media, the startup behind popular shows like Answer all. Sources say that Spotify is talking to Gimlet, the… Continue Reading →

Spotify data shows how musical preferences change with latitude

In Anchorage, Alaska, in the dark of winter, the sun rises just after 10 am, stays near the horizon for a few hours and falls back shortly before 4 pm – in all, just five hours and 28 minutes of… Continue Reading →

Report: Spotify is preparing to launch a streaming device in the car worth $ 100

While this may still be total vaporware, we have a new report that indicates that Spotify is preparing to release a car music library, which would sell for $ 100, according to the Financial Times. Basing its story on information… Continue Reading →

Spotify is testing a feature on iOS that will allow users to block any artist

Yes, it's finally happening. Spotify seems to be testing a new feature for its application that will allow users to block any artist on the platform. The blocking button is a very demanding Spotify users feature, which would allow you… Continue Reading →

Spotify would launch a music player in the car later this year

Spotify plans to launch an on-board music player with voice commands later this year, anonymous sources said The Financial Times. Spotify has already launched this type of product with contextual screens in the Spotify application seen by some customers, such… Continue Reading →

Max Schrems files GDPR claims against Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and others for failing to provide the required information about the data collected by users.

European privacy activist Max Schrems has filed a new batch of strategic complaints with technology giants including Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube. The complaints, filed via its non-profit organization for the protection of privacy and digital rights, noyb, relate… Continue Reading →

Spotify and Indian band T-Series sign global deal for more than 160,000 songs

Prior to Spotify's entry into the Indian market, the streaming service announced this morning the signing of a global content deal with T-Series, a leading Indian film and music production company. gives access to the entire catalog of T-Series Indian… Continue Reading →

Spotify describes its strategy for podcasts, including recruiting talent internally or exclusively under license, and selling advertisements in its podcasts.

S & # 39; s being established as one of the best streaming services with over 200 million users, Spotify is preparing this year to focus more on podcasts. The company's plans integrate its personalization technology with podcasts to formulate… Continue Reading →

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