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Filing with the SEC: Spotify paid approximately $ 337 million for the purchase of Gimlet Media and Anchor; Spotify told investors that it plans to spend between $ 500 and $ 500 million in total on acquisitions of podcasts in 2019

Broadcast giant Spotify has spent about $ 300 million, about $ 337 million, to buy podcasting companies – producer Gimlet Media and service provider Anchor FM Inc., the company said. The contracts for Gimlet and Anchor, announced last week, were… Continue Reading →

Google announces that it will spend $ 13 billion this year to expand its data centers and offices across the United States, adding a new office in Virginia where it will double its workforce.

The company did not specify at home that each site would cost or provide information on local tax incentives. Ruth Porat, chief financial officer at Google Alphabet, said at a results call earlier this month that she expects "the growth… Continue Reading →

Royal Commission requires banks to spend IT spending on compliance

Australia's technology-focused banking and financial sector is preparing to launch a major initiative to address dozens of internal reporting platforms following the Royal Commission's reprimand of senior executives. However, there is growing evidence that significant investments in the current priority… Continue Reading →

A.I. finds ways to copy drugs that are not counterfeit pharma spend billions developing

Pharmaceutical companies spend billions to develop and protect their branded pharmaceuticals. Could artificial intelligence be about to make things happen? In a revolutionary development, researchers have demonstrated an A.I. who can find new methods of producing existing drugs in a… Continue Reading →

According to Mr. Fossil, Google will spend $ 40 million for intellectual property related to technologies developed since its acquisition of Misfit. part of the Fossil R & D team will join Google

Fossil Group and Google have revealed exclusively to Warable that Google will pay $ 40 million to Fossil to purchase intellectual property rights related to a smart watch technology under development. The agreement, which will see part of Fossil's R… Continue Reading →

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