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Aussie Broadband predicts long wait for affordable gigabit speeds

Aussie Broadband CEO Phillip Britt believes that affordable gigabit speeds in Australia are still "waiting", requiring, in part, "a shift in mindset at NBN Co" to become a reality. We hope, however, that a change of mentality at NBN Co… Continue Reading →

OpenSignal Mobile Networks Experience Report: Verizon Leads in 4G Availability and Video Experience, but Connects with T-Mobile for Fastest Download Speeds

4G Availability indicates the proportion of times that OpenSignal users with a 4G device have a 4G connection. 4G Availability is not a measure of the coverage or geographical extent of a network. Video Experience quantifies the quality of mobile… Continue Reading →

Madagascar's data and call centers for international customers thrived after the construction of the wired Internet in 2009, with speeds higher than those in the United Kingdom.

In a large, open office, employees are busy processing promotional coupons from a large chain of supermarkets; a few boxes down, their colleagues collect promotions and offers for an e-commerce website; further, developers are testing an application on a battery… Continue Reading →

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