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Where will NASA go in 20 years? It may depend on the private space and China

NASA's manned space flight program has been in low Earth orbit since 1972. Can we go beyond that in the next 20 years? NASA 20th Anniversary of Ars Technica See more stories Birthdays are a moment of reflection. When Ars… Continue Reading →

Cold US-Russian relations enter space

The afternoon of the failed launch, Jim Bridenstine of NASA and Dmitry Rogozin of Roscosmos had only known each other for a few days. Within one kilometer of the launch pad, officials from US and Russian space agencies have observed… Continue Reading →

Humatics raises $ 28 million A1 series for a space intelligence platform that allows industrial robots to navigate factories and warehouses with centimeter accuracy

Humatics, the Waltham, Massachusetts-based start-up, working on microlocation technology for robots and autonomous vehicles, announced today that it has raised $ 28 million in an A1 series. Tenfore Holdings, with the participation of Blackhorn Ventures, JCI Ventures (the venture capital… Continue Reading →

The cow that explodes in space could be the first birth of a black hole ever seen

Do not have a cow, man. Last June, an incredibly bright supernova called "The Cow" swept the sky, hovering over the Earth for several weeks. While the cow aroused great enthusiasm among astronomers, who learned that it had traveled 200… Continue Reading →

Microsoft is releasing a new preview of Windows 10 that reserves about 7 GB of disk space for updates, applications, and so on, to ensure that the critical functions of the operating system still have the same features. ;space.

Microsoft today released a new preview of Windows 10 with improvements in disk space management, this PC's reboot, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The update forces Windows 10 from version 18309 (made available to testers on January 3)… Continue Reading →

Google launches the Google Assistant for Smart Screens and Speakers mode to translate languages ​​in real time for people living in the same physical space

Over the past year, Google has made its virtual assistant, Google's eponymous helper, more capable of handling usually difficult or arduous conversations. Need to make a reservation for dinner by picking up the phone and talking to a real human… Continue Reading →

Windows 10 1903 will grab 7GB of user storage space for upgrades more smoothly

The next upgrade of Windows 10 will occupy 7 GB of personal computer storage space to better ensure correct processing of updates, Microsoft announced Monday. The disk space, titled "Reserved Storage", will be reserved from what Microsoft will probably name… Continue Reading →

The astronaut panics after dialing 911 accidentally from space, which caused a frenzy from NASA

An astronaut recounted how he accidentally called 911 from space, sending Houston base security teams to NASA's frenzy. André Kuipers missed a number when he made a call via his seat on Earth – and eventually connected to the US… Continue Reading →

Researchers propose to guide large space telescopes with tiny satellites

But if this design makes it possible to launch very large telescopes in space, it poses its own challenges. One of them is the need for exceptional stability. "Any disturbance of the spacecraft, such as a slight change in the… Continue Reading →

Report: Trump wants to go ahead with space force

President Donald Trump plans to ask Congress to create a space force as an independent branch of the military, thus engaging in the largest US military restructuring for seven decades, announced Thursday Politico. Citing a draft presidential directive, Politico said… Continue Reading →

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