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Nevo Butler is the latest smart home hub to come on the market

We are all pretty used to calling our different devices by voice, whether via Alexa, Amazon, Apple Siri or Google Assistant. Now, a new business is entering the smart home ecosystem. Universal Electronics, Inc. (UEI) Brings Nevo Butler's Smart Home… Continue Reading →

Google is working on a radar detection technology that could render any smart object

The dream of the smart home is that every object in our house can communicate with another. But as beautiful as it sounds on paper, it's not very practical. First of all, it means replacing many "stupid" objects with more… Continue Reading →

In defense of smart TV spy

Let's throw a medal of bravery to Bill Baxter, CTO of Vizio, who explained in all honesty why modern smart televisions, even the most efficient, have become so cheap. Sending to Grouvy Today's Nilay Patel, Baxter acknowledged that Vizio can… Continue Reading →

A Voicebot survey estimates that about 77 million American adults use a voice assistant in their car at least once a month, compared with 45.7 million for smart speakers.

While smart speakers take off at home, it's important to note that cars are an even bigger market for voice assistants. According to a new study by, some 77 million American adults use voice assistants at least once a… Continue Reading →

Apple Smart Battery case for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR: a much more refined design and wireless charging Qi is nice, but remains bulky and expensive

Does your iPhone have difficulty spending a whole day working without dying? If that's the case, then Apple's Smart Battery for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR may be the answer to your problem. But with a better… Continue Reading →

Apple Launches Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

Apple has quietly released official battery cases for its latest iPhone models to extend battery life when you're on the move and you can not charge your phone for a few days. Nicknamed Smart Battery Case, the new battery cases… Continue Reading →

Hampton expands Array smart home product line

In 2018, Hampton Products had a busy week with the release of its Hampton Connected Array lock, compatible with solar backup, and this year 's announcement is even more stuffed with ads and product releases. Focused on outdoor safety, the… Continue Reading →

Black & Decker sits in the smart home with a Wi-Fi router and an innovative home care assistant

Whether the Black & Decker brand evokes images of power tools or appliances such as the Dustbuster, you probably will not think about it in the context of the smart home. It could soon change. The company is developing two… Continue Reading →

The CEO behind this smart fire detector is ready to sell to Apple, Google or Amazon

You have a smoke detector in your house and it may even be "smart", but it does not detect fire like the Safer Alarms system that we checked at CES 2019. There is a big difference between smoke detectors and… Continue Reading →

Xiaomi's Five-Year Plan Bets $ 1.5 Billion on Smart Homes

Xiaomi, the Chinese company best known for economic phones, is betting big on the future of connected homes. It plans to invest at least 100 billion yuan, or $ 1.48 billion, in the sector called "AIoT" over the next five… Continue Reading →

These are the best smart watches for fitness monitoring

With the growing popularity of smart watches, he is starting to enter the space reserved for fitness bands. Rather than having a limited-use fitness tracker and a watch, you can now have a single device that does everything. These fitness-oriented… Continue Reading →

Chamberlain Group acquires Lockitron and Tend for its myQ smart garage hub

Chamberlain Group, which owns several brands of access and security, including the myQ smart garage hub, has added two new businesses to its portfolio: the Lockitron connected door lock manufacturer and the Wi-security camera startup. -Fi for the house Tend…. Continue Reading →

AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support arrives on smart TVs, including those from Vizio, Sony and LG

Apple fans generally do not have much to expect from CES, but we were treated to a surprise announcement from Samsung that the iTunes video store would be integrated with its smart TVs, with support for Bixby. But Samsung is… Continue Reading →

Smart Alarm Clock from Lenovo asks you to wake up with Google

The new Lenovo smart clock at $ 79 with built-in Google assistant. Image: bridget bennet / mashable By Karissa Bell2019-01-10 02:15:45 UTC Once again, Google and Lenovo have joined forces to integrate Google Assistant into your life. This time, it's… Continue Reading →

Introducing Lenovo's S940 Yoga with Smart Assist Eye Tracking, Noise Filtering and Glass-Covered Screen

Lenovo's range of Yoga laptops overlays entertainment and work tasks more cleverly than the company's premium X1 line. The new Yoga S940 contains a set of new technologies "Smart Assist" that allow users to quickly switch from a simple navigation… Continue Reading →

Lenovo integrates Amazon Alexa into Android tablets Smart Tab M10 and P10 Android

The Lenovo Smart Tab M10 and P10 are ready to go out of their Android tablet life. You may use them a few hours a day as a tablet. But if you pair them with included Smart Dock docking stations,… Continue Reading →

Lenovo Reduces Smart Google Assistant Display to Smart 4-inch Clock for Music and Alarms

If the current smart screens are too big for you, Lenovo's new smart clock might be your traffic jam. The display optimized by the Google Assistant is not just small enough to fit on your bedside table, it's barely bigger… Continue Reading →

Lenovo launches smart devices at CES 2019, says Google Assistant duopoly, Amazon Amazon Digital Assistant

Lenovo has launched a smart clock that accompanies its Smart Display and Smart Home Essentials devices. And as for clocks, Lenovo does not reinvent exactly the category. In fact, Lenovo's device, "specially designed for your bedroom," relies on Google Assistant… Continue Reading →

Yale and Emtek announce new smart locks that integrate with the August software, the first locks to do so without additional hardware

Yale and Emtek, two smart lock companies under the umbrella of the Assa Abloy lock conglomerate, are launching new smart locks with August software. Assa Abloy acquired August in 2017, but these are the first third-party smart locks that can… Continue Reading →

Google launches the Google Assistant for Smart Screens and Speakers mode to translate languages ​​in real time for people living in the same physical space

Over the past year, Google has made its virtual assistant, Google's eponymous helper, more capable of handling usually difficult or arduous conversations. Need to make a reservation for dinner by picking up the phone and talking to a real human… Continue Reading →

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