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AppRiver, a Florida-based cybersecurity firm that focuses on protecting email and the web, agrees to be purchased by email security firm Zix Corporation for $ 275 million.

Dallas-based Zix buys the AppRiver email security provider and, in doing so, takes a giant step in the channel, multiplying by 10 the number of its partners with a pencil stroke. The agreement is expected to create an e-mail heavyweight… Continue Reading →

Barracuda Improves Messaging Security with Investigation and Incident Response

Barracuda announced January 17 an update of its Total Email Protection platform, providing businesses with new forensic analysis and incident response capabilities. Total Email Protection is Barracuda's flagship messaging platform that incorporates many features including threat prevention via e-mail, as… Continue Reading →

The future of airport security exhibited in London

Copyright of the image Getty Images Legend A bag seen through an X-ray scanner Technology that can speed up and improve security checks at airports is presented to industry experts at a London event. Among the innovations, there is a… Continue Reading →

Sources: Snap fires chief of security for secret relationship with consultant and expels boss, human resources manager, after several departures in recent months

By Alex Heath Snap's chief of global security was fired after an internal investigation revealed that he was having an undisclosed relationship with a woman from a third-party consulting company that he allegedly paid a sum of money. six figures… Continue Reading →

Online stores for governments and multinationals hacked through a new security breach

Since at least October 2018, several hacking groups have abused a hitherto unknown security loophole in a database management tool to grab online stores and insert malicious code that was stealing the details of the payment cards in the payment… Continue Reading →

Why Does Quantum-Resistant Encryption Need Quantum Key Distribution for Real Security?

The idea underlying the use of quantum computers to break encryption is that the encryption keys used by the current encryption methods depend on a secret key used to encrypt and decrypt the protected information. These keys are long, random,… Continue Reading →

Fortnite had a security vulnerability that allowed hackers to support accounts

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability that hackers could use to support Fortnite accounts. Epic Games Beware, all the epic Fortnite players: your accounts were in great danger. Check Point security researchers discovered vulnerabilities with the Epic Games website, which… Continue Reading →

Open-Source Metasploit Framework 5.0 Improves Security Testing

Among the tools most used by security researchers, include the open source framework Metasploit, which has been updated with the new version 5.0. Metasploit Framework is an intrusion test technology that provides security researchers with a variety of tools and… Continue Reading →

PCS implementations affected by 36-year security vulnerabilities

All Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) implementations of the last 36 years since 1983 are vulnerable to four security bugs that allow a malicious SCP server to make unauthorized changes to a customer's (user's) system and hide malicious operations on the… Continue Reading →

Security conference will allow you to hack a Tesla car and win cash prizes

Tesla Model 3 Image: Tesla Motors Organizers of the Pwn2Own CanSecWest security conference to be held in Vancouver, Canada in March, will allow security researchers to try and crack a Tesla Model 3 car. Researchers will be able to win… Continue Reading →

Goldman Sachs Leads $ 8 Million Round of Negotiations on Immersive Labs Cyber ​​Security Skills Platform

Immersive Labs, a cybersecurity skills platform founded by James Hadley, a researcher at GCHQ, raised $ 8 million in Series A funds. Goldman Sachs leads the way, with the participation of a number of private investors anonymous. Cybersecurity-based Immersive Labs… Continue Reading →

The security challenges of moving from ERP to cloud

According to a study by the Cloud Security Alliance, enterprise resource planning software is an essential application for many organizations. When migrating to the cloud from on-premises deployments, there are some critical security issues that need to be addressed. The… Continue Reading →

Microsoft eliminates the security and compliance elements of Microsoft's most expensive plan 365 for E3 customers

Microsoft has introduced two add-on packages for businesses, which currently use the Microsoft 365 E3 subscription, which is not entirely sinks. The new offers: "Identity & Threat Protection" and "Information Information & Compliance." They will be available for purchase from… Continue Reading →

Election Security Bills Finally Advance in Congress

After years of controversy over real and imagined security attacks against US elections, the US House of Representatives should then consider and adopt the HR 1, also known as the "People's Law of 2019" which includes provisions to improve electoral… Continue Reading →

Sources: Amazon-owned Ring gave its teams in Ukraine and the United States unfiltered cloud access to live video and video feeds with unencrypted home security cameras.

The "smart home" of the 21st century is not only supposed to be a monument to convenience, we are told, but also to protection, a bubble of vigilant algorithms and sensors connected to the Internet, like that of Tony Stark,… Continue Reading →

Sources: The Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab helped the US government to catch the NSA's subcontractor, Harold Martin, accused of stealing a treasure trove of confidential data.

The revelation introduces an ironic twist into the negative narrative that the US government has been waging about Kaspersky Lab in recent years. | Pietro D'Aprano / Getty Images for Kaspersky Lab Cyber ​​security The United States accused Kaspersky Lab… Continue Reading →

Yubico Unveils Apple's First Lightning Security Key for iPhone, Launched This Year

Yubico has announced a new version of its famous security key to use in Lightning ports, the first device of its kind to enable physical token authentication for iPhones. The device also supports a USB-C connection. Previously, the only way… Continue Reading →

Akamai Acquires Portland-based Identity Management Provider Janrain to Expand Security Solutions Portfolio and Expand Bot Manager Service

One week in 2019, Akamai Technologies Inc. has already made its first acquisition of the year. The heavyweight cybersecurity and content delivery group announced today that it has purchased Janrain Inc., an identity management provider based in Portland. The terms… Continue Reading →

Predictions 2019: security threats will not be easier to manage

By 2018, hardly a week was going by without a major new data leak or security breach being reported. Ransomware and phishing were invasive, state-run hackers were working day and night, passwords were leaking, new sophisticated malware attacks were spreading,… Continue Reading →

Predictions 2019: security threats will only worsen

By 2018, hardly a week was going by without a major new data leak or security breach being reported. Ransomware and phishing were invasive, state-run hackers were working day and night, passwords were leaking, new sophisticated malware attacks were spreading,… Continue Reading →

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