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According to rumor, Apple's information service will have to overcome three obstacles

Apple's plan to launch a news subscription service is an open secret. A little less than a year ago, the company announced the acquisition of the existing Text Magazine subscription service, which Apple CEO, Eddy Cue, quickly revealed that It… Continue Reading →

Rumor: AirPods 2 with specialized grip coating and AirPower launch this spring

A new report this morning – must be taken with the utmost caution – of MySmartPrice confirms rumors of a spring launch for AirPower, and says that updated AirPods will have a "new design" and a grip-inclined coating. The source… Continue Reading →

Today's rumor about the "falsifications deep" activated by AI is similar to the end of the panic of truth that followed the launch of Photoshop in the early 90s.

from the perspective of some In just a few months, the "deep falsifications" are scary to technology experts and legislators. There are already legislative proposals, an article reviewing the law, comments on national security and dozens of opinions claiming that… Continue Reading →

The WSJ forum Zuckerberg and the rumor that the unification of the messaging infrastructure in Facebook applications would be a sign of the growing concern of the company regarding the regulation

The threat of government regulation hovers over Facebook for over a year now, like a dark storm cloud. It seems like it's finally starting to rain. Last week, we learned that the FTC was considering hitting Facebook with a "record… Continue Reading →

According to the rumor, Apple's Airpower loading mat, long delayed, finally enters production

According to rumors, Apple's AirPower Wireless Charging Mat, originally unveiled in 2017 and due to be launched early last year, has finally entered production. Apple launched AirPower in September 2017, alongside the iPhone X and its wireless charging capability. The… Continue Reading →

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