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Profit, not politics, is what is important in the Reddit ring of Tencent

Read 4 min Screenshot of the front page of Reddit on 14 February. (Image: Technode) As reported initially last week on February 11, Reddit confirmed a Series D funding round led by Tencent's $ 150 million, giving the company a… Continue Reading →

Ring, the home security company of Amazon, runs a social crime reporting network called Neighbors, where minor crimes are heavily monitored and where racism is common.

"MY PACKAGE THE FLIGHT HAS BEEN STOPPED !!!", reads an article about Neighbors, a "neighborhood watch" social network run by Ring, a home security systems company owned by Amazon. The publication shows two images side by side: one of a… Continue Reading →

New deposit: Amazon has spent $ 1.65 billion on acquisitions in 2018, featuring Ring and PillPack offerings

Jamie Siminoff, CEO and Chief Inventor at Ring, at the GeekWire Summit. Amazon's acquisition of the smart home technology company was the largest in 2018. (Photo by Dan DeLong for GeekWire) Amazon has spent $ 1.65 billion on acquisitions in… Continue Reading →

MS publishes KB 4476976, a cumulative update test Win10 1809, in the insider preview ring. Bravo!

If Microsoft's proofreaders continue, people might start thinking they know what they are doing. Last night, we watched the release of KB 4476976, which is a fix for bug fixes for Win10 version 1809. The fix itself is not remarkable… Continue Reading →

Sources: Amazon-owned Ring gave its teams in Ukraine and the United States unfiltered cloud access to live video and video feeds with unencrypted home security cameras.

The "smart home" of the 21st century is not only supposed to be a monument to convenience, we are told, but also to protection, a bubble of vigilant algorithms and sensors connected to the Internet, like that of Tony Stark,… Continue Reading →

Key By Amazon, formerly Amazon Key, adds delivery to the garage and businesses, new locks, and Ring compatibility.

Alexa may be at the forefront of Amazon's game at CES, but the group has just unveiled a slew of news about Amazon Key. The list includes a name change for the more passive By By Amazon key, a title… Continue Reading →

Amazon's Ring Unveils a $ 199 Door View Camera, which captures video from a peephole and detects shots, alongside several new features for intelligent outdoor lighting and more

Amazon's Ring unveiled today a series of new products, including the door-vision camera for live video from your door peephole, as well as the new outdoor lighting and sensors designed for motion detection or amplification of security alarms. Unlike the… Continue Reading →

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