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GitHub expands its bug bonus program by increasing the rewards amount, removing a maximum reward limit, and adding the Safe Harbor legal requirements; GitHub paid more than $ 250,000 in 2018

GitHub has today reinforced its insect bonus program. Microsoft has expanded the scope of the program, increased the amount of its rewards and added to its policy the terms of Legal Safe Harbor. GitHub also revealed that it has paid… Continue Reading →

Amazon launches Amazon Moments, a rewards program that allows developers to offer users physical gifts for specific actions in 100 countries

Application and website developers are always trying to find better ways to keep their users engaged on their platforms longer. Today, Amazon is launching a service that hopefully will be used by developers. Amazon Moments – as it's called –… Continue Reading →

Apple rewards Arizona who found the FaceTime bug

Rebekah L. Sanders Arizona Republic Posted at 3:40 pm EST February 12, 2019 The teenager from Tucson, Arizona, who found in FaceTime's group chat a problem that could turn iPhones into spy devices, has been rewarded by Apple for its… Continue Reading →

Atrient, a vendor of casino rewards for casinos, reportedly ignored serious security concerns, and a researcher who discovered flaws was attacked by his chief of operations.

Following a serious disclosure of vulnerability affecting casinos around the world, a leader of casino technology provider Atrient assaulted the security researcher who exposed the vulnerability at the ICE conference in London. This is the story of a vulnerability disclosure… Continue Reading →

Research shows that large self-reported Facebook users make impaired decisions, such as addicts, according to a classic test of maximizing rewards

Researchers at Michigan State University are exploring the idea that "social media addiction" is more than just a joke about being online. Their article, titled "An Excessive Number of Social Media Users Demonstrate Impaired Decision Making in the Iowa Gambling… Continue Reading →

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