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Government review: Trump admin lack of integrated data system to track separated families, ad hoc records likely mean that thousands more children are separated than disclosed

They kept the children in cages. And Excel spreadsheets. And over 60 other government files and databases that made it nearly impossible to track thousands of children separated from their parents by the Trump administration while they were trying to… Continue Reading →

An in-depth review of the upcoming beta version of the Twitter application with chat features such as color-coded and algorithm-based answers, hidden engagement icons, and more.

Twitter has made a name, at its most basic level, as a platform that gives voice to all who use it. But as it grew, this unique selling point placed Twitter on so many challenges – harassment, confusing management of… Continue Reading →

Review: Valley of the Boom captures the madness of Silicon Valley

Enlarge / The packaging could not be more perfect if it contained an AOL CD. The first Internet commerce boom has paved the way for much of today's world. IPOs and insane valuations, technology companies with no obvious business model,… Continue Reading →

Philo Review: an interesting alternative to the average TV channel

Philo is a live TV streaming service born of a desperate time. The main supporters of its network, Discovery, Viacom and AMC, found themselves, to varying degrees, excluded from other streaming offers, largely because they do not broadcast any sports… Continue Reading →

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Review

It’s another installment of Black Mirror that raises questions about technology, free will, and the impact of innovation on mental health. It’s also an installment of Black Mirror unlike anything else in the series, or on most of Netflix, for… Continue Reading →

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