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The Apple report on Netflix could be launched by April: report

Jefferson Graham UNITED STATES TODAY & # 39; HUI Posted at 4:23 pm EST on February 13, 2019 A new entertainment service, unidentified and announced for a long time by Apple, could make its debut in April, reports CNBC, citing… Continue Reading →

The report finds evidence of more than 90 cases of sexual offenses on children via dating services like Tinder, while the UK plans to extend age verification checks to dating apps

The UK government has stated that it could legislate to impose age checks on users of dating apps, as a result of an investigation into the use by minors dating apps published by The Sunday Times yesterday. The newspaper found… Continue Reading →

Benchmark Awards 2019 Finalist: FWO anonymous report in a foreign language

The Fair Labor Ombudsman, in his capacity to combat the exploitation of vulnerable workers, explores all the possibilities open to them to inform workers of their rights and to allow them to denounce the bad relations of their employers. In… Continue Reading →

The owner of National Enquirer defends the report on Bezos from Amazon

The owner of the US tabloid The National Enquirer on Friday opposed charges of "extortion and blackmail" by Jeff Bezos, chief executive of, claiming his reports on An extramarital relationship involving the world's richest man was legal and claims…. Continue Reading →

Android Upgrade Report: Classify Manufacturers on Pie

At this point, it's no secret that Android upgrades are a disaster – but this was supposed to be the cycle where everything was better. The Android 9 Pie version of Google was the first Android version to incorporate all… Continue Reading →

Report: Google extracts results of Russian searches of sites banned by the government, blocking ~ 70% of sites blacklisted by the Russian communications regulator Roskomnadzor

Google has begun to remove some entries from its search results in Russia, according to longstanding demands of the authorities, reported Wednesday the business daily Vedomosti. Russia has condemned Google to pay a fine of $ 7,500 in November 2018… Continue Reading →

Report on Kaspersky Lab's DDoS Attack Trends: The number of DDoS attacks has dropped 13% year-over-year in 2018, but the average attack time has gone from 95 minutes in T1 to 218 minutes in Q4

News preview In the fourth quarter of 2018, security researchers detected a number of new botnets, which included not only Mirai clones. The fall saw increased activity from bot Chalubo, whose first attacks were recorded at the end of August…. Continue Reading →

Amazon is reconsidering plan for New York's headquarters amid fierce opposition, the report says

Amazon is reconsidering plans for a new headquarters in New York amid a flood of public opposition. Executives have had internal discussions about whether to continue with New York's plan or investigate alternatives, the Washington Post reported, referring to two… Continue Reading →

EU report: Technology companies now rate 89% of reported content within 24 hours and 72% of these illegal hate speech is removed, up from 40% and 28% in 2016

In its latest report tracking a voluntary code of conduct on illegal hate speech, which platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube joined in Europe in 2016, the European Commission said progress was being made to speed up the withdrawal… Continue Reading →

Report: Russian hackers have found a new business model, sharing TV and torn movies via private CDNs with streaming sites that monetize CDN feeds via commercials

With the increasing popularity of torrents sites in Russia, an interesting business model for mass streaming is booming in the region. According to a report shared with TorrentFreak by the cyber-security group, several pirate-based CDNs facilitate the creation of a… Continue Reading →

Report: Bill Stasior no longer supports Siri, the team's strategy shifting from minor updates to a long-term search as part of the restructuring of the new Apple AI director

By Mikey Campbell Friday, February 01, 2019, at 2:47 pm Eastern Time (5:47 pm ET) Apple's executive, Bill Stasior, who heads the Siri team since joining the company in 2012, has been dismissed from his position as project leader in… Continue Reading →

Report: Apple has asked the studios and networks to be ready for the launch of Apple's streaming service by mid-April, the same month, investors will have a glimpse of Disney +

Little is known about Apple's standalone streaming service, aside from the mountain of original content coming up. But according to a new report from L & # 39; information, he could launch this spring. L & # 39; information Apple… Continue Reading →

Report: Apple's video streaming service is being launched this spring

The new streaming service from Apple is ready to launch this spring, according to The Information, stating three unnamed sources. Tucked away in a report on Amazon's plans to end its efforts with its subscription video offering, The Information noted… Continue Reading →

How a teen & # 39; Fortnite & # 39; player Apple & # 39; s FaceTime bug discovered – and why it was so hard to report it

Break news e-mails Receive news reports and special reports. The news and the stories that matter are delivered on weekday mornings. REGISTER January 29, 2019, 7:15 PM GMT By Jason Abbruzzese and David Ingram Grant Thompson, a 14-year-old high school… Continue Reading →

Changes to Facebook site plug-ins created by ProPublica and others to track and report on how advertisers are targeting Facebook users

A number of organizations, including ProPublica, have developed tools that allow the public to see exactly how Facebook users are targeted by advertisers. Now, Facebook has quietly made changes to its site to stop these efforts. ProPublica, Mozilla and Who… Continue Reading →

According to a report, IT teams must prioritize vulnerabilities that they correct

Topics today include a report that prioritization of vulnerabilities is the key to successful patches, and Extreme Networks unveiling new Wi-Fi 6 access points of 802.11ax. According to a January 22 report by Kenna Security and the Cyentia Institute entitled… Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Fit, wireless headphones, coming soon: Report

Samsung's Unpacked 2019 is fast approaching and we are beginning to think that the company could launch some additional products at that time. Specifically, a new Galaxy Fit fitness monitor, as well as wireless headphones. This news comes after several… Continue Reading →

Cloud security vulnerabilities require partnership approach, says report

Compromises on identification data, risky resource configurations, vulnerable hosts and other threats continue to be of concern to security professionals in all sectors. A recent report from the Palo Alto Unit 42 Threat Research Team describes these and other security… Continue Reading →

Report: Small US cities, rural communities and the Rust Belt states are the most exposed to the risk of automated job replacement; men, young workers and the most vulnerable minorities

At first, technologists have issued dystopian alarms about the power of automation and artificial intelligence to destroy jobs. Then came a correction, with a wave of reassurances. Now, the speech seems to arrive at a more complicated understanding, suggesting that… Continue Reading →

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