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Upgrade to the ultra-comfortable Razer DeathAdder Expert gaming mouse for only $ 25

If you need a hard mouse upgrade that comes with your PC, Walmart offers an exceptional offer on an entry-level version of the ultra-popular and ultra-comfortable DeathAdder gaming mouse from Razer. The Razer DeathAdder expert only costs $ 25 now,… Continue Reading →

Razer will allow you to control the light effects of your PC gaming console with the help of Alexa

Razer has always relied on the game stereotype of bright and conspicuous LED lights and other customizable neon aesthetics for PC gaming. It will now allow you to verbally control these lights using Alexa from Amazon. Today at CES, Razer… Continue Reading →

Razer Turret Keyboard for Xbox One Receives Surprise Launch of CES 2019

The Razer turret, the first official wireless keyboard and mouse designed specifically for Xbox One, is available now on the Razer website and at the Microsoft Store for $ 250. Announced for the first time in December, the exit of… Continue Reading →

Alexa arrives on Razer gaming devices

At CES 2019, Razer announced its collaboration with Amazon to support Alexa with some of its gaming peripherals. Alexa support will be provided to compatible devices via Razer Synapse 3, the company's cloud-based hardware configuration tool. The end result will… Continue Reading →

Razer sees the future of the game filled with haptic feedback gadgets

Razer has realized its vision of HyperSense technology at CES, building on the foundation of the Razer Nari Ultimate helmet, as the company unveils its plans for an ecosystem of interconnected peripherals driven by haptic technology capable of immersion. The… Continue Reading →

Razer announces its first gaming monitor, the Razer Raptor

At CES 2019, Razer announced its first gaming monitor called Razer Raptor. And yes, it happens with RGB lighting. Razer is well known for its products aimed at gamers, and they have managed to cover just about every major device,… Continue Reading →

Razer integrates Alexa voice commands and Amazon's haptic feedback to its gaming platform.

Razer, the company that makes high-end hardware and software specifically designed for gaming enthusiasts, adds new voice and touch features to its platform to integrate it with the next generation of computing. and bring Razer's gaming experience to a higher… Continue Reading →

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