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Overview of how Facebook open source projects, including Cassandra, GraphQL, the Open Compute initiative, PyTorch and React, have changed the computer

In the last 15 years, Facebook has changed the way we keep in touch with our friends, our quarrels with our family members, our way of thinking about privacy and our consumption of Russian propaganda – not always for the… Continue Reading →

Foxconn is reviewing projects at its $ 10 billion Wisconsin plant, and plans to hire engineers and researchers instead of the manufacturing workforce, previously promised

(Reuters) – Foxconn Technology Group is reconsidering its intention to manufacture LCD panels on a $ 10 billion campus in Wisconsin, and has announced its intention to primarily engage engineers and researchers rather than the manufacturing workforce promised by the… Continue Reading →

Updating Debian and PHP PEAR Projects for Application Vulnerabilities

Time and time again, security experts and vendors will recommend that organizations and end users keep software and systems up-to-date with the latest patches. But what happens when the application infrastructure that is supposed to provide these fixes is threatened?… Continue Reading →

Pentagon secret projects reveal that the government has looked at UFOs, wormholes and other strange anomalies

Recently declassified Pentagon documents reveal DOD funded projects that study UFOs, wormholes, alternative dimensions, and a host of other topics that are often the subject of conspiracy theorists. The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) released 38 research titles on January 18,… Continue Reading →

Technology companies that fund journalism projects deepen their codependence and imply that the media is the exception to protect technological disruptions.

Yesterday, Facebook announced it would spend $ 300 million over three years on content, partnerships and journalistic programs. This announcement commits the social network to match the funding that rival technology giant Google has announced that it would spend on… Continue Reading →

Get 15 eBooks Arduino Coolest Electronic Projects from Make: for $ 19.99

If you've ever been interested in electronic DIY, then you know that Make:. For nearly 15 years, the magazine has not only explained how to build your own computers and robots, but also a showcase for some of the coolest… Continue Reading →

Smartsheet Acquires Slope, a Seattle-based company, that helps companies manage the process of producing creative projects, for an undisclosed amount

Slope co-founder Brian Bosché and Dan Bloom at GeekWire Startup Day 2016. (GeekWire photo) Smartsheet did not have to go far to make its second acquisition. The collaborative software company based in Bellevue, Washington State, has launched Slope, a small… Continue Reading →

Cultural conflict: Google's urban expansion projects have nothing virtual about it

Google's distant headquarters on the edge of the bay. (Image: Tom Foremski) You do not need a physical location. You can create a virtual business overnight with the help of Google's cloud computing services. Your employees connect from home using… Continue Reading →

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