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How to stay as private as possible on the iPad and Apple's iPhone?

Apple believes in your right to privacy. Here are some tips on how to use the tools provided to protect your privacy on an iOS device. Use better code You probably already use a 4-digit access code, but you can… Continue Reading →

In the Israeli private intelligence company Psy-Group, which was providing avatars for campaigns to influence social media, before closing its doors in February 2018

One night in 2016, Alex Gutiérrez, a 25-year-old community college student, was waiting at La Piazza Ristorante Italiano, an upscale restaurant in Tulare, California's San Joaquin Valley. Gutiérrez spotted Yorai Benzeevi, a doctor who ran the local hospital, sitting at… Continue Reading →

Saudi Arabia denies involvement in the leakage of private messages from Jeff Bezos

In his extraordinary Medium post last week accused American Media Inc of "extortion and blackmail," Bezos hinted (but did not state explicitly) that there might be a connection between Saudi Arabia and the publication of his personal messages with Lauren… Continue Reading →

Automatic license plate readers, formerly reserved for law enforcement, are now being used by private citizens, raising fears of abuse and new legal and ethical issues.

The state of supervision is no longer limited to the state. For years, police services have been monitoring people's cars with the help of cameras that record the license plate number of each passing vehicle. Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San… Continue Reading →

Credit companies raised $ 55 billion in 2018, as was the case in 1999, but most of the increased funding went to growth cycles, which are actually private IPOs.

I've heard a lot of people ask themselves if there was too much money in venture capital looking for too little good business. "We are in a new technological bubble!", Said some. "Evaluations are out of control" is the motto… Continue Reading →

Everdays, which allows users to create and share commemorative ads and create private social networks to commemorate their loved ones, raises $ 12 million in Series A

Xconomy Detroit / Ann Arbor – Mark Alhermizi first became successful with Gas Station TV, a Birmingham, Michigan-based company that aired from gas pumps and was sold to Dan Gilbert's Rockbridge Growth Equity in 2014 for a reported amount between… Continue Reading →

Jack & d, a gay dating app with 1 million+ downloads from Play Store, stores user images, published and marked as private in chat sessions, on an unsecured AWS server.

Larger / The Jack & # 39; d dating app allowed men to upload "private" photos, but stocked them to make them public, just like the rest. [Update, Feb. 7, 3:00 PM ET: Ars has confirmed with testing that the… Continue Reading →

Report: Russian hackers have found a new business model, sharing TV and torn movies via private CDNs with streaming sites that monetize CDN feeds via commercials

With the increasing popularity of torrents sites in Russia, an interesting business model for mass streaming is booming in the region. According to a report shared with TorrentFreak by the cyber-security group, several pirate-based CDNs facilitate the creation of a… Continue Reading →

An American judge rejects the regulation of Yahoo data breaches, citing high legal fees and the size of the Yahoo class disclosed in private as being smaller than its active user base

(Reuters) – A US judge rejected Yahoo's proposed settlement with millions of people whose e-mail addresses and other personal information had been stolen during the largest data breach in history, blaming the provider for Internet services to lack transparency. FILE… Continue Reading →

Facebook says it's going to close its private photo sharing application Moments on Feb. 25; users can export photos until May

RIP Facebook Moments. Facebook Take a moment to remember moments. Facebook said Thursday that it was ordering Moments, its standalone application for sharing photos privately with friends, in part because few people were using it. The services of the application… Continue Reading →

Where will NASA go in 20 years? It may depend on the private space and China

NASA's manned space flight program has been in low Earth orbit since 1972. Can we go beyond that in the next 20 years? NASA 20th Anniversary of Ars Technica See more stories Birthdays are a moment of reflection. When Ars… Continue Reading →

Apple is talking to private Medicare plans to subsidize the Apple Watch

About 19 million older and more and more seniors are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, which is a private health plan that receives payments from government for the provision of services to seniors – about $ 10,000 per member,… Continue Reading →

Sonos has announced the launch of a private beta test of the Google Assistant integration, announced for the first time in 2017, with the goal of deploying it later this year.

January 8, 2019 11:00 PT Sonos has launched a Google Assistant private beta test on its smart speakers and plans to launch the integration to the public this year. Google Assistant will be directly integrated with speakers with voice input,… Continue Reading →

GitHub Free users now have unlimited private repositories

If you are a GitHub user but do not pay, the week is good. Historically, GitHub still offered free accounts, but the warning was that your code should be public. To obtain private repositories, you had to pay. Starting tomorrow,… Continue Reading →

GitHub now offers free users unlimited private deposits

GitHub is by far the most popular way to create and share software. That said, one of the weaknesses of the platform is that it limits the number of people who can create private repositories, that is, software projects that… Continue Reading →

GitHub now offers users of its free package access to unlimited private repositories, but these repositories are limited to three employees.

GitHub is by far the most popular way to create and share software. That said, one of the weaknesses of the platform is that it limits the number of people who can create private repositories, that is, software projects that… Continue Reading →

The next US Moon Landing will be made by private companies and not by NASA

The next lunar landing of the United States will be done by private companies – not by NASA. NASA's Jim Bridenstine announced Thursday that nine US companies would compete for lunar surface experiments. The space agency will buy the service… Continue Reading →

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