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DroneShield, Australian weapons technician, scores big point in South America

The manufacturer of DroneShield anti-drone technologies is becoming more and more popular among foreign governments. The company, which today announced the announcement of a "big South American government agency," has placed an order for its latest DroneGun. The ASX-listed company… Continue Reading →

Check Point refines security offerings to meet changing demands

LAS VEGAS – When Check Point Software started operating in the IT security industry in 1993, smartphones, mobile tablets, IoT and cloud applications and services did not exist yet. Back then, Check Point's # 1 position provided state-of-the-art security for… Continue Reading →

Personal data collected on a large scale and exploited via micro-targeting threatens people's autonomy, a point that is lacking in most traditional privacy discussions

Breaking News Emails Receive last minute alerts and special reports. News and stories that matter, delivered in the morning on weekdays. SUBSCRIBE February 4, 2019, 19:49 GMT By Jacob Ward Facebook and other companies can very well protect your privacy,… Continue Reading →

Check Point finds a loophole that could allow hackers to break into Fortnite user accounts

Check Point said its researchers had discovered vulnerabilities in the popular Fortnite online game. The security software company has informed the manufacturer of Fortnite Epic Games, which has corrected the flaw, which could have allowed hackers to secretly intercept the… Continue Reading →

In a statement regarding the authorization of InfoWars on its platform, Roku said that she did not censor on the basis of a point of view and did not know that. InfoWars broke his rules.

Roku just made a bad decision about his growing advertising business by associating his brand with toxic conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. As Digiday reported for the first time this morning, Roku chose to add to the Roku platform a channel… Continue Reading →

CES 2019 Notes: High number of Chinese attendees, massive Google participation and products poised to reach a critical point for customer satisfaction

Assistants / voices The wizard is by far the most widespread development at CES last year and has improved this year. In an attempt to find out what's new at CES, some might say that the assistants were in 2018… Continue Reading →

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