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Best weather station for the house: who should be your personal meteorologist?

Everyone has their own morning routine. Some of us will run, others prepare the kids to go to school, others just want to know if the navigation will be fluid during rush hours. Time can throw a wrench in any… Continue Reading →

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce asks in an open letter if Facebook users have been misled about the personal data that could be disclosed by joining closed groups

Lawmakers are seeking to question Facebook about its privacy practices after allegations that the service revealed sensitive health information in groups. In a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, filed last month and released yesterday, a security researcher and health… Continue Reading →

Personal information of disabled workers will be centralized in the new NDIS database

Australians who have applied for a screening check for disabled workers will register their personal information in a new online database of national authorizations to improve the portability of their probity certificates. The legislation that underlies the centralized database was… Continue Reading →

Report: 2.7 million calls from patients to the Swedish health hotline were discovered exposed on an unprotected server, as well as other sensitive personal information

Audio recordings of 2.7 million calls made to 1177 Vårdguiden – the Swedish health care hotline – have been made available to everyone online, according to Sweden's technical publication Computer Sweden. The 170,000 hours of extremely sensitive calls were stored… Continue Reading →

Personal data collected on a large scale and exploited via micro-targeting threatens people's autonomy, a point that is lacking in most traditional privacy discussions

Breaking News Emails Receive last minute alerts and special reports. News and stories that matter, delivered in the morning on weekdays. SUBSCRIBE February 4, 2019, 19:49 GMT By Jacob Ward Facebook and other companies can very well protect your privacy,… Continue Reading →

From Alexa to Nuance, including personal assistants who are learning your mood, an overview of the AI-based features that major automotive companies plan to deploy soon.

Aurich / Getty LAS VEGAS – Whether we like it or not, CES has become an auto show, for the same reason we cover the world of automobiles at Ars Technica. In simple terms, the technology sector has looked at… Continue Reading →

Best headphones: Our best choices for personal listening

The headphones are the ultimate tool for intimate listening experiences. Whether you're listening to your phone, a digital audio player, a disc player, or even a PC or game console, when you're ready to shut the doors of the world… Continue Reading →

Apple says it bans Facebook's search app that collects users' personal information

Facebook is at the center of another scandal about privacy – and this time users have not only done wrong. It has also made Apple angry. The short version: Apple says that Facebook has broken an agreement that it has… Continue Reading →

A GDPR complaint against Google and the IAB by privacy advocates claims that ad category listings allow for the mass distribution of intimate personal data

Male powerlessness, drug addiction, right-wing politics, left-wing politics, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, mental health. These are just a few of the ad tags that Google's adtech infrastructure regularly links to people who monitor and track their online activities to target… Continue Reading →

In testing GDPR's "Right of Access", a reporter received 138 GB of raw personal data from Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google, most of which were very difficult to analyze. .

If the many technological scandals of recent years have taught us anything, it is that technology companies hold a truly terrifying amount of data on us all. In addition to being invasive, this data can be downright dangerous if it… Continue Reading →

Technical solution: How to de-clutter and organize your personal techno in a few simple steps

With a new year and a new Netflix show featuring guru of the Japanese organization Marie Kondo on the art of "tidying up", many of us are experimenting how to simplify our lives by purging our homes undesirable goods. But… Continue Reading →

A casino group behind sites like has left over 108 million records exposed on a server, including bets, withdrawals, names, personal addresses and phone numbers of players.

Image: Casino Kahuna, Composition: ZDNet ZDNet learned that a group of online casinos had leaked information on more than 108 million wagers, including detailed information about customers' personal information, deposits and withdrawals. Filtered data from an ElasticSearch server that has… Continue Reading →

Singaporean company IHiS sacked two employees and fined five top executives, including a managing director, during the June 2018 SingHealth cyberattack, in which 1.5 million personal data were stolen

SINGAPORE: Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS) fired two employees for negligence following a cyber attack on SingHealth, in which personal information of 1.5 million patients was stolen, including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. IHiS, the central IT agency responsible for… Continue Reading →

Project Alias ​​Amazon Echo hacker and Google Home to protect your personal data

The mushrooms of the rainforest can be nasty parasites. Wanting to reproduce, they will infect a much more powerful and powerful insect, taking control of their brain and using its force against it, animating the zombie insect to climb the… Continue Reading →

Bird sends Boing Boing a suspicious removal notice under a DMCA notice describing how to legally purchase an abandoned Bird scooter and convert it into a personal scooter

From time to time, we must remind someone that it is not illegal for people to report facts that they do not like. This time, the offender is the electric scooter rental company Bird Rides, Inc. Electric scooters have invaded… Continue Reading →

Resumes of more than 202 million Chinese users, containing personal data, including personal addresses and mobile phone numbers, were exposed online on an unsecured MongoDB database server.

A security researcher came across an unsecured MongoDB database server that contained highly detailed CVs for more than 202 million Chinese users. The owner of the database remains a mystery, said Bob Diachenko, director of cyber risk research at Hacken… Continue Reading →

Why is Netflix forbidden to share our streaming personal data?

The beginning of a new year is an ideal time for personal reflection. It is also the time of year when many technology and service companies offer users a retrospective review of the year by analyzing all the user data… Continue Reading →

Hundreds of discussions of German politicians, financial details and other leaks of personal information online

A stranger last month leaked the details of credit cards, private communications and other information from German politicians, as well as data from rappers and other media personalities. The leak includes information from the office of Chancellor Angela Merkel and… Continue Reading →

The Weather Channel application accused of selling users' personal data

A farmer uses a mobile app while working in a rice field on the outskirts of Yangon. New smartphone apps provide farmers with up-to-date information on everything from weather and climate change to crop prices, advice on pesticides and fertilizers…. Continue Reading →

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