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The owner of National Enquirer defends the report on Bezos from Amazon

The owner of the US tabloid The National Enquirer on Friday opposed charges of "extortion and blackmail" by Jeff Bezos, chief executive of, claiming his reports on An extramarital relationship involving the world's richest man was legal and claims…. Continue Reading →

The owner of Reliance Retail, India's largest retailer, and Jio, a disruptive telecom operator, announces the creation of an online retail platform to compete with Flipkart and Amazon

While Flipkart, a company owned by Amazon and Walmart, are struggling to find a way around the new strict e-commerce policy imminent in India, the two companies have now come up against a new challenge: the man the richest of… Continue Reading →

TikTok owner ByteTance launches Duoshan, an alternative to video chat to challenge WeChat in China

ByteDance, the world's most popular start-up, has just launched a new social media product under the Douyin brand, which many people see as a serious attempt to challenge WeChat. Tencent has long dominated the social networking space in China with… Continue Reading →

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