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Overview of how Facebook open source projects, including Cassandra, GraphQL, the Open Compute initiative, PyTorch and React, have changed the computer

In the last 15 years, Facebook has changed the way we keep in touch with our friends, our quarrels with our family members, our way of thinking about privacy and our consumption of Russian propaganda – not always for the… Continue Reading →

From Alexa to Nuance, including personal assistants who are learning your mood, an overview of the AI-based features that major automotive companies plan to deploy soon.

Aurich / Getty LAS VEGAS – Whether we like it or not, CES has become an auto show, for the same reason we cover the world of automobiles at Ars Technica. In simple terms, the technology sector has looked at… Continue Reading →

An overview of AI-based audio mastering services such as Landr, which promise artists access to professional-quality mastering without the cost of human engineers

Making music is one of the most humane things we do, but in recent years, AI has stepped in to help us. The algorithms have infiltrated almost every part of the music, from the creation of original drum loops to… Continue Reading →

Practical overview of the anthem: After 8 hours, I still can not tell if the rival of BioWare Destiny is good or not.

At E3 2018, we finally had the chance to actively participate Anthem and went away overwhelmed. Oh, that play great, the words I was using at the time were 'softer than Destiny 2."But as I noticed at the time, Anthem… Continue Reading →

Koogeek O1US smart surge protector overview: a power strip for the HomeKit kit

As smart outlets quickly become tens of dollars, smart power strips are a bit rarer. Koogeek's O1US software expands the possibilities beyond what TP-Link's Kasa Smart offers, but it's a little short in comparison. Let's first look at the hardware:… Continue Reading →

Pivot3 Hyperconverged IT: Product Overview and Analysis

Company Name: Pivot3 (hyperconverged infrastructure and hybrid cloud solutions) Description of the company: Pivot3 is a privately held company headed by CEO Ron Nash. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Pivot3 has offices in Houston, Boulder, Dubai, Mexico City and throughout the… Continue Reading →

Ping Identity: Product Overview and Analysis

Description of the companyFounded in 2002 by CEO Andre Durand, Ping Identity is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The mission of Ping Identity is to simplify the way companies offer secure and transparent digital experiences. Ping focuses on simplifying how the… Continue Reading →

Overview of WikiLeaks internal data collected by the United States Government from 2009 to 2017 at least, including discussions with information to identify certain sources

Photo: Frank Augstein (Grouvy Today) At the end of last year, the US government had accidentally revealed that a sealed suit had been filed against Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. Shortly before this was made public, the FBI had… Continue Reading →

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