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Confidential e-mails sent by Facebook executives have been leaked online

Documents posted online Friday appear to be a confidential internal Facebook communication that reveals new details of the way the company processes user data. About 60 pages of unqualified exhibits from a lawsuit between Facebook and Six4Three, an app developer,… Continue Reading →

WSJ: Apple has partnered with Alipay of Ant Financial to offer its customers in China up to two years of interest-free financing to purchase products at its online store

In order to make Apple products more affordable for Chinese consumers, Apple is working with Alipay's Chinese mobile payments network to offer up to two years of interest-free financing, the Wall Street Journal reported. The companies reportedly informed customers of… Continue Reading →

Millions of medical calls exposed online

Copyright of the image Getty Images Legend The calls included very personal information Millions of calls made by Swedes seeking medical advice via a national health service phone line were exposed online. Some 2.7 million conversations dating back to 2013… Continue Reading →

UK's Rapid Response Unit, fighting misinformation online, will continue operations following the pilot phase that began in April 2018

A specialized unit created last year to monitor and combat "false information" and online misinformation is expected to continue operating after its pilot phase has been deemed a success by the government. The Rapid Response Unit, which brings together Cabinet… Continue Reading →

Mark Zuckerberg meets British Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright in California after refusing to appear before the British Committee of Inquiry into Online Disinformation.

After avoiding multiple requests to testify before a British parliamentary committee, the CEO of Facebook (FB) will meet Thursday the British Secretary for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Jeremy Wright. The private meeting is part of Wright's tour into Silicon… Continue Reading →

Walmart reports that online sales in the United States grew 43 percent year-over-year in the fourth quarter, driven by growth in its online grocery business, led by an increase in the number of collections. and deliveries from grocery stores.

This morning, Walmart posted strong holiday sales growth for its holiday quarter, with a 4.2% increase in US sales compared to the same period last year and a 43% increase in sales. its online sales in the United States. The… Continue Reading →

Japan's second-largest mobile operator, KDDI, announces an investment of around $ 800 million for a 49% stake in online securities company

TOKYO – KDDI will invest in online brokerage Securities and create a holding company for its financial-related subsidiaries, diversifying its revenue streams as smartphones transform the way customers access these services. The Japanese mobile operator announced Tuesday that it… Continue Reading →

Brightcove acquires Ooyala's online video platform business for about $ 15 million, with $ 6.25 million in cash and the rest in Brightcove stock

Brightcove has announced its acquisition of Ooyala's online video platform. The agreement brings together two long-time players in the online video industry. Brightcove was founded in 2004 and went public in 2012, while Ooyala was established in 2007 and was… Continue Reading →

Anti-Defamation League Survey: In 2018, 37% of Americans say they have been victims of serious online harassment, including criminal harassment and physical threats.

Despite the concerted efforts of technology giants to reduce heinous behavior on their platforms, a new survey reveals that serious forms of online hatred and harassment, including criminal harassment and physical threats, may be on the rise. According to the… Continue Reading →

FTC: In 2018, Americans lost about $ 143 million following online dating scams, number one in terms of dollar loss compared to other types of fraud that the agency monitors

Love is in the air, but do not let it disturb your judgment – it could cost you a lot. Americans in search of love lost at least $ 143 million to scammers last year, according to reports filed at… Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine! Online Scams Cost Americans $ 143 Million

Love is in the air, but do not let it disturb your judgment – it could cost you a lot. Americans in search of love lost at least $ 143 million to scammers last year, according to reports filed at… Continue Reading →

After the Equifax breach, experts question why the data of 143 million Americans did not sell online. a theory suggests that a nation-state uses it

If this dominant theory is correct, the only people who had to worry about the Equifax breach were people in sensitive government positions or with a lot of power, influence and power: future senators, CIA officers Abroad, managers of business… Continue Reading →

TikTok: When gummy bears sing, Adele reigns online

Multimedia playback is not supported on your device Media captionWATCH: What is TikTok? Have you seen the viral video where a gummy bear choir sings the catchy chorus of Someone like you, from Adele? Or maybe the odd sight of… Continue Reading →

Look at the challenges of online grocery shopping in the United States, where 22% of clothing sales and 30% of electronics sales are done online, compared with just 3% of grocery sales.

Read: Why Amazon is such a threat to the grocery sector Peapod pays generously for the workers' time. Bernard, like all Peapod workers, is a full-time employee who benefits from health care and other benefits. the company has hitherto avoided… Continue Reading →

The best online courses to learn Python

If you want to learn coding or opt for another programming language, Python is a good choice. One of the remarkable aspects of Python is its close resemblance to the English language. So you'll often see words like "not", "in"… Continue Reading →

The first online census of the United States in 2020 may be more inclusive and effective, but some experts are concerned that the Census Bureau may open new risks.

On a freezing morning in Washington, DC, last week, four US Census Bureau staff stood side by side on a stage, grinning broadly as they drenched in cries, whistles, and the enthusiastic applause of the crowd sitting in front of… Continue Reading →

The Chinese online trading company Pinduoduo sells 37 million shares, which will reap between $ 1 billion and $ 1.25 billion, as part of a secondary offering, after its IPO. Last year

The price to pay to compete with Alibaba and, two e-commerce giants, is huge. Witness Pinduoduo, better known as the DP, who collects more than $ 1 billion in fresh capital just six months after its IPO. The company… Continue Reading →

Three suspects arrested in Ukraine as the FBI and several EU countries seize the domain and xDedic servers, an online marketplace allowing access to hacked servers

The FBI, along with authorities from several European countries, seized the domain and servers of xDedic, a notorious online marketplace where cyber criminals would sell and buy access to hacked servers. Three suspects were also arrested in Ukraine. Also: New… Continue Reading →

An online data leak on the HIV registry in Singapore in violation of health

Copyright of the image EPA Legend Singapore has released a photo of US citizen Mikhy Farrera-Brochez, who they say is behind the leak Confidential data concerning more than 14,000 HIV-positive people, including foreign visitors, were stolen in Singapore and disclosed… Continue Reading →

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