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Walmart reports that online sales in the United States grew 43 percent year-over-year in the fourth quarter, driven by growth in its online grocery business, led by an increase in the number of collections. and deliveries from grocery stores.

This morning, Walmart posted strong holiday sales growth for its holiday quarter, with a 4.2% increase in US sales compared to the same period last year and a 43% increase in sales. its online sales in the United States. The… Continue Reading →

Voicebot: The number of Google Assistant shares in the United States reached 4,253 in January 2019, up 2.5 times year-over-year, behind Amazon, which boasted 56,750 Alexa skill skills.

In addition to their market share in the smart speaker market, Google and Amazon are also competing for the developer spirit in the voice application ecosystem. In this regard, Amazon has grown: the number of voice skills available for Alexa… Continue Reading →

Etsy accidentally charged a number of vendor accounts for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on Friday, leaving users without money for the long weekend

Etsy did not specify how many vendors were involved, but hundreds of complaints were filed on their forums. People selling handicrafts and other goods on Etsy, an ecommerce site specializing in hand-made products and in small lots, say they're waking… Continue Reading →

FTC: In 2018, Americans lost about $ 143 million following online dating scams, number one in terms of dollar loss compared to other types of fraud that the agency monitors

Love is in the air, but do not let it disturb your judgment – it could cost you a lot. Americans in search of love lost at least $ 143 million to scammers last year, according to reports filed at… Continue Reading →

Report on Kaspersky Lab's DDoS Attack Trends: The number of DDoS attacks has dropped 13% year-over-year in 2018, but the average attack time has gone from 95 minutes in T1 to 218 minutes in Q4

News preview In the fourth quarter of 2018, security researchers detected a number of new botnets, which included not only Mirai clones. The fall saw increased activity from bot Chalubo, whose first attacks were recorded at the end of August…. Continue Reading →

IAC's Vimeo generated a turnover of $ 160 million in 2018, up from $ 103.3 million in 2017, while the number of its subscribers rose to 952,000, up 9% year-on-year.

(Reuters) – Vimeo's online video platform revenue jumped 54 percent last year, with subscribers surpassing 950,000, the parent group, IAC, said Thursday. The numbers highlight the growing interest in other video platforms, much smaller than YouTube, but growing by serving… Continue Reading →

After Twitter has lost monthly active users in the past three quarters, the company will stop disclosing the number starting in the second quarter and instead return daily active users.

The monthly number of Twitter users has declined for three consecutive quarters. To remedy this problem, Twitter has decided to stop announcing the number of lost users. The change, which begins after the next quarter, was announced in the latest… Continue Reading →

According to YouTube's CEO, the number of channels with 1 million subscribers and more has nearly doubled and the number of creators having gained five or six digits has increased 40% or more over the previous year .

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube Getty Images In an article published Tuesday about her goals for 2019, Susan Wojcicki, executive director of YouTube, outlined several milestones. Google 's video site was overtaken last year and it has hidden one of… Continue Reading →

Viber gets group calls, a refresh of the design and the ability for users to chat without revealing their phone number.

The Viber IM application may not be as widely used as before, but the company has made it a mission for the new year. He announced Viber 10, a redesign of the Viber application that aims to improve the user… Continue Reading →

An attempt to determine the number of fake accounts on Facebook, as the company steps up its efforts to remove them and provides confusing estimates.

Facebook sells to advertisers its access to real people – 2.32 billion of them, a network that exceeds the populations of North America, South America and Africa combined. But do many people really use Facebook? The answer lies partly in… Continue Reading →

Research: 97 startups achieved unicorn status in China in 2018, bringing the total number of unicorns to 186, with a combined valuation estimated at around $ 736 billion

According to research firm Hurun Report, based in Shanghai, China has set up 97 unicorns, representing at least $ 1 billion in startups, despite the economic slowdown and a prolonged trade war with the United States. The second largest economy… Continue Reading →

While the number of US computer students has doubled to more than 106,000 between 2013 and 2017, the supply of teachers is struggling to keep up.

Attracted by the prospect of high-paying, high-level jobs, students are embarking on record numbers to study computer science. Now, if only they could have a place in class. On campuses across the country, from leading state universities to small private… Continue Reading →

Federal prosecutors and the US court in Seattle agree to publish information on warrantless surveillance applications, disclose the number of cases and the crime being investigated

The public will learn how often federal investigators in Seattle get confidential information about your communications, such as the people you have called and when, as a result of a request for release of documents brought by an EFF customer…. Continue Reading →

WhatsApp limits the number of people you can transfer messages to reduce rumors and false news

Katharine Lackey and Jefferson Graham UNITED STATES TODAY & # 39; HUI Posted at 6:16 PM EST on January 21, 2019 The popular text messaging service WhatsApp Messenger limits the ability for users to share messages to reduce the spread… Continue Reading →

Data from Portland's four-month scooter program, which has limited the number of scooters to around 2,000 and recorded more than 700,000 rides, shows that scooters often replace short trips by car.

"Many of these companies are going to the cities, flouting local regulations, seeing what they can do and how far they can push cities to welcome them," said Chloé Eudaly, city commissioner for the city. Portland. "I feel that this… Continue Reading →

A simple photo of an egg, posted by an anonymous user on Instagram, broke the record for the number of likes, with more than 40 million people, surpassing that of Kylie Jenner (18 million)

Do not expect the following to make sense. But on Sunday night, a photo of an egg, orange and slightly freckled, canceled the announcement of Kylie Jenner's birth as the most popular publication on Instagram. Monday, he had doubled the… Continue Reading →

CES 2019 Notes: High number of Chinese attendees, massive Google participation and products poised to reach a critical point for customer satisfaction

Assistants / voices The wizard is by far the most widespread development at CES last year and has improved this year. In an attempt to find out what's new at CES, some might say that the assistants were in 2018… Continue Reading →

NBN Co gives itself until September to reduce the number of cluttered cells

NBN Co is given up in September of this year to reduce to less than 1% the proportion of cluttered cells on its fixed wireless network. The network builder provided the deadline in response to questions from the latest Senate… Continue Reading →

Google indicates that it expects Google Assistant to be installed on 1B devices by the end of the month, against 500 million euros in May 2018, while the number of # 39; active users of the Assistant in the world increased 4 times a year

At the launch of CES, Google is very present: the monorails, a stand three times larger than last year, and probably a gigantic pile of news to announce. But before any news about the products, the company wants to fight… Continue Reading →

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