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Contributor IDG Network: Lessons Learned from Business Transformations that Fail to Start

Last week, we saw two missed transformations. The first concerned President Trump's attempts to obtain a consensus on the financing of a border wall that declared him a state of emergency. The second was New York's attempt to tackle the… Continue Reading →

Factory-Free Semiconductor Company Peraso, which develops WiGig-based wireless network chips, raised $ 42 million in Series D, bringing the total to $ 79.3 million

Peraso Technologies, a Toronto-based semiconductor manufacturing company based on wireless network chip development and based on Wi-Fi's Gigabit Wi-Fi standard, announced today that it has raised $ 42 million in co-financing. – led by two strategic investors and its existing… Continue Reading →

CrowdStrike: Russian state-sponsored hackers put less than 20 minutes to start moving sideways in the network of a targeted organization after an initial violation

According to CrowdStrike's report on the global threat 2019, hackers sponsored by the Russian state need less than 20 minutes to start moving laterally within the network of a targeted organization after the initial violation . Last year, the security… Continue Reading →

Contributor IDG Network: Manage enterprise application architectures by 2020: the game has changed!

Believe it or not, is twenty. Salesforce was founded in 1999 with the groundbreaking assumption that business applications could be delivered faster, cheaper and more reliably via the cloud. In all respects, Salesforce has been a huge success. It… Continue Reading →

Contributor IDG Network: 5 Reasons Why Your Business Model May Need an API

We all know the benefits APIs can bring to deliver the right data to the right people at the right time. There are enough tools to make the API access offer of your data relatively easy. However, a common problem… Continue Reading →

Contributor IDG Network: Computer Forecasting: Cloudy with Chance of Digital Transformation

The cloud continues to be the subject of intense innovation. Last year, around the same time, I had predicted that Cloud 2.0 (which places the heterogeneous cloud in the future of application architecture) would eventually be generalized. This year, we… Continue Reading →

IDG contributor network: how my car dealership has changed my vision of technology and customer experience

You have seen statistics or at least similar statistics: No wonder your project list fills with applications applications and customer experience solutions. Customer-focused initiatives have some cool factor. However, they do not address the unseen impact of technology and data… Continue Reading →

Network of IDG contributors: What is an effective change management?

I have never been a very good surfer. I managed to get up on a board when I was a junior lifeguard. But I became a reasonably good surfer. As a body surfer, you are looking for two things: Are… Continue Reading →

Blue Hexagon Uses the Power of In-Depth Learning to Detect Network Threats

As attackers become more and more sophisticated, it is necessary to have advanced technologies that can detect attacks that traditional tools can not. This is the mission of Blue Hexagon, which came out furtively on February 5th with a deep… Continue Reading →

IDG contributor network: how to recover an enterprise SaaS stack

Agility is highly sought after in today's business environment. As such, companies are now taking advantage of the efficiency of technologies to drive their processes. And why not? Digital tools allow future-oriented companies to perform better than latecomers. A Harvard… Continue Reading →

IDG contributor network: 9 components that should be part of the digital innovation agenda of each CIO

Digital is the era of innovation. Innovation, in general, is surely a management discipline. To stay relevant, the IT department needs to evolve its reputation from cost center to the business innovation engine. In fact, the computer plays a crucial… Continue Reading →

IDG Donor Network: How Data Governance Can Support Privacy Compliance

Agile innovations in data management GDPR. CCAC. And after? The regulation of data privacy is just starting to take shape. By the end of 2018, we had passed the GDPR deadline more than six months later and barely a year… Continue Reading →

IDG Contributor Network: Hidden Challenges That Affect the Customer Experience

He traveled all over the world and everywhere he went He would use his word and everything would say that there is a smart man -Lyrics of "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" In the movie Mary PoppinsThe favorite nanny of all shared with the… Continue Reading →

Dell EMC targets the open network

Dell EMC officials envision the corporate campus and other peripheral environments as next steps in the company's five-year-old open networking efforts, which, up to the end this year focused mainly on central data centers. In a blog post this week,… Continue Reading →

Carbonite data storage and backup company acquires Webroot, a provider of cloud-based security software for network and end-to-end systems, for $ 618 million

Xconomy Boston – Data storage and backup company Carbonite has purchased Webroot, a provider of endpoint security, as part of a $ 618 million contract to combine these two technologies into automated cloud security software powered by AI for peripherals,… Continue Reading →

Ring, the home security company of Amazon, runs a social crime reporting network called Neighbors, where minor crimes are heavily monitored and where racism is common.

"MY PACKAGE THE FLIGHT HAS BEEN STOPPED !!!", reads an article about Neighbors, a "neighborhood watch" social network run by Ring, a home security systems company owned by Amazon. The publication shows two images side by side: one of a… Continue Reading →

Security breach hits Parliament's computer network

Parliamentarians and their staff were forced to reset their passwords after a malicious attack on the parliamentary computer network during the night. In a statement, the Speakers of Parliament said that this measure was one of the many measures taken… Continue Reading →

IDG Network of Contributors: Top 4 Hiring Priorities for IT Security and Required Skills for 2019

In 2018, more than one billion people were affected by corporate data breaches. From Marriott International to Facebook and Uber, no business is too big to escape the threat of increasingly sophisticated and data-centric cyberattacks. And consumers are not the… Continue Reading →

IDG contributor network: create and organize optimal customer journeys

Marketers and product managers are starting to develop attractive and optimal routes for their customers. Their organizations use a variety of agile methodologies in hopes of speeding things up, but most of them struggle to make these trips on time… Continue Reading →

Spotify buys Gimlet Media, a podcast producer and its network, according to sources at a cost of about $ 230 million, and Anchor, which facilitates the registration and distribution of podcasts by users

Spotify is a streaming music company that also wants to become a podcast company. Spotify not only acquired Gimlet Media, a podcast producer and network, for about $ 230 million – a contract Recode told you about – last week… Continue Reading →

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