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With the latest mobile security vulnerability, could we at least focus on the good things?

Many apps from some of the big names, including Expedia, Hollister, Air Canada, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Singapore Airlines, have recently been in trouble due to a security and privacy gap in one app. third party analysis that they… Continue Reading →

Mobile players do not consider themselves players

Ben Tobin UNITED STATES TODAY & # 39; HUI Posted at 9:06 am EST on February 13, 2019 When you think of a "gamer", you can imagine the stereotype of the teenager or the thirty guys playing intensely on Xbox… Continue Reading →

Q & A with the president and chief operating officer of the mobile game company Scopely on his business model; Scopely claims to have a $ 400 million run rate and an 80% revenue increase in 2018

Scopely is not the most famous mobile gaming company. Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem and Star Trek: Fleet Command were registered in 2018, which earned it an 80% jump in revenue last year. The company is now on a $… Continue Reading →

UK-based mobile banking start-up, Starling Bank, raises £ 75m for European expansion. It now has 460K customers and 30K SMEs

The Starling Bank, founded by Anne Boden, a former bank, raised 75 million pounds sterling (about $ 97 million) in additional funds. The new capital breaks down into £ 60 million in a Merian Global Investors-led Series C round, including… Continue Reading →

Absher, an application of the Saudi Interior Ministry, hosts Apple's and Google's mobile app stores to help locals track and dictate where women can travel

Apple and Google have been accused of helping to "enforce apartheid" in Saudi Arabia, proposing an ominous application that allows men to follow women and prevent them from leaving the country. Absher is a government web service that allows men… Continue Reading →

Q & A with Zynga's CEO on the reorganization of the once-besieged gaming company, as key acquisitions and the move to mobile overcome the decline of Facebook and web games

Zynga was made public in 2011, and it's developed rapidly thanks to the strength of social games like FarmVille. But that skidded in 2013 and the descent began. Frank Gibeau, a former Electronic Arts executive, joined the group as CEO… Continue Reading →

Mobile Business Management: Where are we going now?

Mobile has become a common tool for the vast majority of business workers. Over the last three or four years, instead of being considered an emerging technology, it has essentially transitioned to a mature solution that has been accepted almost… Continue Reading →

Tech Fix: Do your children accumulate fees on mobile games? Here's how to fight

One of them is Ask to Buy, a set of controls that requires a parent to approve each app purchase on a child's device. It can be configured with the following steps: A parent first configures a family sharing account,… Continue Reading →

The Himalaya podcast platform, which offers mobile apps that allow listeners to give advice to their creators, raises $ 100 million and aims to add exclusives and paid content to its application.

Himalaya Media, a San Francisco-based podcasting startup, has raised $ 100 million to position itself as a new force in podcast distribution. The company has launched applications for Android and iOS and is preparing to launch a series of exclusive… Continue Reading →

Google states that Cloud Firestore, its server-free NoSQL document database for mobile, web, and IoT applications, is now available in 13 regions of the world.

Google announced today that Cloud Firestore, its NoSQL server-free document database for mobile, web, and IoT applications, is now available. In addition, Google also introduces some new features and extends the service to 10 new regions. With this launch, Google… Continue Reading →

Mosyle, a mobile device management platform for Apple devices used by 8500 schools in more than 70 countries, raises $ 16 million in Series A to grow in business markets

Mosyle's mission is to streamline the IT management of iPads, iPhones, Macs, Apple TVs and other Apple devices. And in the wake of a successful race in the education market, it's about raising money to start a business. The two-year-old… Continue Reading →

Sensor Tower: Mobile users spent approximately $ 1.27 billion on the top 10 streaming video apps in the US in 2018, up 62 percent from the $ 781 million spent in 2017 and three times as much In 2016

In the United States, mobile users spent about $ 1.27 billion According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data in the top 10 SVOD applications of last year. This represents the twelve-month growth of 62 percent of the $ 781 million… Continue Reading →

Didi said its global mobile phone network has 550 million users, more than 31 million drivers and covered more than 1,000 cities worldwide in 2018.

Didi Chuxing, the largest telephony operator in China, who forced Uber Technologies to leave the country, had a chaotic run in 2018, with the company's plans being controlled by scandals involving passenger death and security concerns. As one of the… Continue Reading →

Salesforce Unveils DIY Tools to Boost Mobile Application Development

Topics today include Salesforce unveiling a stand-alone mobile application development platform and Microsoft deploying its MyAnalytics tracking tool to all Microsoft 365 users. To accelerate the development and deployment of mobile apps for businesses, has announced a new set… Continue Reading →

OpenSignal Mobile Networks Experience Report: Verizon Leads in 4G Availability and Video Experience, but Connects with T-Mobile for Fastest Download Speeds

4G Availability indicates the proportion of times that OpenSignal users with a 4G device have a 4G connection. 4G Availability is not a measure of the coverage or geographical extent of a network. Video Experience quantifies the quality of mobile… Continue Reading →

AWS launches WorkLink, a fully managed $ 5 per month per user service that aims to facilitate access to mobile intranet sites and web applications.

If your company uses a VPN and / or mobile device management service to give you access to its intranet and internal web applications, you know how annoying they are. AWS today launched a new product, Amazon WorkLink, that will… Continue Reading →

Microsoft fights against false news through the integration of NewsGuard into its Edge mobile browser

To combat the false news read on your phone, the Microsoft mobile browser for Android and iOS now includes the NewsGuard extension. The addition, noted by The Guardian, must be enabled in the Edge Settings menu to be enabled. Once… Continue Reading →

Microsoft automatically installs NewsGuard, a plug-in that guides users on which news sites can be approved, to mobile versions of its Edge browser.

Microsoft's Internet browser warns users not to trust Daily Mail journalism as part of a feature designed to combat false news. Mail Online visitors using Microsoft Edge can now see a statement that "this website does not generally meet basic… Continue Reading →

Salesforce Unveils Faster DIY Mobile Application Development Platform

In an effort to spur the development and faster deployment of mobile apps for businesses, has announced a new set of tools and DIY services, collectively known as Lightning Mobile Platform. The Lightning Platform mobile platform consists of three… Continue Reading →

Revision of the Arteck HB030B wireless Bluetooth keyboard: a multi-device keyboard for mobile typists

The slim and lightweight Arteck HB030B Bluetooth Wireless Bluetooth keyboard arms road warriors with a single input for their devices. Supporting the four major commercial operating systems (Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android), this keyboard offers a fairly comfortable typing experience… Continue Reading →

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