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Microsoft pledges $ 500 million for affordable housing in the Seattle area

The initial reaction to the company's announcement has been positive. "There is virtually no level of housing needed," said Claudia Balducci, a member of King County Council, who leads the regional Affordable Housing Task Force. A report released in December… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Launches "Stepwise Rollout" of Win10 1809, Now Controlled by New Generation Machine Learning Model

Looks like Microsoft has improved its game by rolling out the September-October-November-December 2018 update for Windows 10, with forced upgrades to the menu. Last night, Microsoft updated the status of Win10 1809 as follows: Current Status of Windows Version 1809,… Continue Reading →

Questions / Answers with Hadi Partovi on the start of, on IE at Microsoft, on what he is looking for among founders of startups and on the teaching of computers in schools

Part of the challenge for me living in Iran was that all my family, apart from my parents, my father and my brother, had left and fled the country, and we stayed there. The reason we stayed was that my… Continue Reading →

Microsoft abandons Cortana's fight against Alexa and Google Assistant

The general manager of Microsoft admitted that Cortana was not well placed to compete with Alexa or Google Assistant. Instead of trying to compete with these digital assistants, Satya Nadella believes that Cortana should be designed to integrate with the… Continue Reading →

Microsoft asks users to switch to iOS or Android when Windows Phone is set to be obsolete

Microsoft admits the defeat of its smartphone and now officially urges all remaining users of Windows 10 Mobile to switch to an iOS or Android device. In an EM document spotted by ThurrottMicrosoft is notifying users that Windows 10 Mobile… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Extends Windows 7 Application Compatibility Commitment to Windows 10

Microsoft announced this week that an application compatibility guarantee offered to companies migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10 has become global. The "Desktop App Assure" program, launched in October and only available in North America, has been extended to… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Deploys MyAnalytics Tracker to All Microsoft 365 Users

The Microsoft MyAnalytics Workstation Activity Tracking Tool is now available to Office 365 users or Office 365 Enterprise and Business suites with Exchange Online after having previously been offered in top-of-the-line subscriptions. range or as an option at additional cost…. Continue Reading →

Satya Nadella said that Cortana would not challenge Alexa and Google Assistant directly, but that Microsoft would make it a skill on other voice platforms.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reports that change is on the horizon for Cortana, his intelligent voice-activated assistant. Instead of focusing directly on the challenge of Amazon's popular mega-assistant, Amazon, Nadella said that Microsoft would focus on making Cortana available as… Continue Reading →

Microsoft no longer considers Cortana a competitor Alexa or Google Assistant

The Microsoft Cortana Digital Assistant has fallen behind Google Assistant and Alexa over the past year. The software manufacturer is now taking a different approach to competition. S addressing reporters at a media event earlier this week, attended by The… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Pledges $ 500 Million to Tackle Housing Crisis in Seattle: $ 475 Million for Three-Year Real Estate Loans and $ 25 Million for Resident Services

Engagement is the most important of the last 44 years of society. Microsoft and other technology giants, who spurred the region's economic boom, are facing increasing pressure to help ease the shortage of affordable housing. Benefiting from a radical balance… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Pledges $ 500 Million for Affordable Housing in the Seattle Area

The initial reaction to the company's announcement was positive. "There is virtually no level of housing needed," said Claudia Balducci, a member of King County Council, who leads the regional Affordable Housing Task Force. A report released in December by… Continue Reading →

Microsoft plans to decouple the Windows and Cortana search in the next major Windows 10 update scheduled for April so that typed requests are handled separately.

Microsoft makes big changes to Cortana in Windows 10. The software giant plans to uncouple searches and Cortana in the Windows 10 taskbar, allowing voice queries to be treated separately from typing in a search box to find documents and… Continue Reading →

Sources: Microsoft has begun adapting Windows to devices with dual displays and foldable displays, operating system updates, and built-in applications.

Microsoft is working on adapting Windows to work on collapsible devices. Sources close to Microsoft projects say The edge that the software maker makes foldable devices and dual-screen hardware a big investment area for Windows and Surface. This investment includes… Continue Reading →

Microsoft partners with Walgreens, which will migrate infrastructure to Azure and deploy Office 365 to employees while jointly developing new healthcare technology.

Stefano Pessina, CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. (Microsoft and WBA Photo) A week after the unveiling of a plan to reinvent the grocery store with Kroger, Microsoft has announced another major partnership with a… Continue Reading →

The best CEO in the world of technology? Nadella from Microsoft, hands down.

Over the years, many congratulations have been addressed to the leaders of large technology companies. Until recently, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Tim Cook of Apple and Sergey Brin of Alphabet, among others, were perceived by a… Continue Reading →

Microsoft has avoided the scrutiny of privacy issues that have caught rivals by collaborating with regulators and advocating its own solutions.

Quietly but with confidence, Microsoft is back. For the first time in almost a decade, this is the most valuable company in the world, while his rival Apple stumbles. He has been praised for his intelligent focus in AI and… Continue Reading →

Microsoft is releasing a new preview of Windows 10 that reserves about 7 GB of disk space for updates, applications, and so on, to ensure that the critical functions of the operating system still have the same features. ;space.

Microsoft today released a new preview of Windows 10 with improvements in disk space management, this PC's reboot, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The update forces Windows 10 from version 18309 (made available to testers on January 3)… Continue Reading →

Microsoft eliminates the security and compliance elements of Microsoft's most expensive plan 365 for E3 customers

Microsoft has introduced two add-on packages for businesses, which currently use the Microsoft 365 E3 subscription, which is not entirely sinks. The new offers: "Identity & Threat Protection" and "Information Information & Compliance." They will be available for purchase from… Continue Reading →

Microsoft is trying to take back the Chromebook one more time

If I were responsible for Microsoft, in addition to fully adopting Linux for the desktop, I would give up trying to challenge Google's Chromebooks with lighter versions of Windows. It did not work before, and it will not work anymore…. Continue Reading →

Researchers say it's easy to find child pornography images on Bing, which actively suggests keywords and associated images; Microsoft says it's working on patches

It is easy to find pictures of illegal exploitation of children on the Microsoft Bing search engine. But even more alarming is that Bing will suggest keywords and associated images that provide pedophiles with more child pornography. Following an anonymous… Continue Reading →

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