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Georgia Health Care turns to AI-based tools for Citrix management

Citrix desktop and application virtualization has been around for decades. Despite predictions that software vendors as competing virtual office services (VDIs) would eat away at Citrix, this solution has remained the de facto standard for as long as I can… Continue Reading →

Network of IDG contributors: What is an effective change management?

I have never been a very good surfer. I managed to get up on a board when I was a junior lifeguard. But I became a reasonably good surfer. As a body surfer, you are looking for two things: Are… Continue Reading →

Mobile Business Management: Where are we going now?

Mobile has become a common tool for the vast majority of business workers. Over the last three or four years, instead of being considered an emerging technology, it has essentially transitioned to a mature solution that has been accepted almost… Continue Reading →

Idaptive seeks to reduce identity and access management frictions

Idaptive announced Feb. 7 its next-generation access cloud, providing businesses with a unified approach to identity and access management (IAM) in the cloud and on-premise. The new generation of access clouds integrates multiple components, including single sign-on (SSO), multifactor authentication… Continue Reading →

KKR will take a controlling stake in OneStream, evaluating the enterprise performance management software maker to more than $ 1 billion; KKR would have invested more than 500 million dollars

OneStream Software LLC, a Rochester-based company, has signed an agreement granting private equity firm KKR a majority stake in the company, as part of a transaction evaluating the company's performance management software company. Company to more than a billion dollars…. Continue Reading →

Azure API Management Gets Preview Support for OpenAPI v3 Specification

Microsoft's Azure API management, which is used to publish APIs for internal and external developers, now supports previewing of the latest OpenAPI Specification v3 standards, providing developers with more tools for creating and maintaining sharing their necessary APIs. Mike Budzynski,… Continue Reading →

Microsoft acquires from BrightBytes DataSense, a data management platform used by schools across the United States, and its team, for an undisclosed amount

One of the oldest and most important areas of Microsoft in the Azure cloud is education and today announces an acquisition that it hopes will help it grow: DataSense – a flat Data management platform that can be used to… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Software Group, maker of human resource management software for the cloud, to be purchased by a group of investors led by PE Hellman & Friedman for about $ 11 billion

(Reuters) – Ultimate Software Group Inc., a developer of cloud-based human resources applications, announced Monday that it has agreed to be acquired by a group of investors led by the venture capital company. Hellman & Friedman investment for around $… Continue Reading →

Head of Google Translate on gender-specific translations, bias management in training data, and why Translate transformed nonsense messages into religious prophecies

You may remember many newspaper articles last year about Google Translate, who spewed disturbing pieces of religious prophecy when they are presented with absurd words and phrases to translate. Clickbait sites suggested that it might be a conspiracy, but no,… Continue Reading →

Google's 2018 internal employee satisfaction survey: 74% of employees say "positive" that the management team can lead effectively in the future, compared to 92% in 2017

Google is a data-obsessed company, but the recent cascade of employee activism can be difficult to quantify. How do you take the temperature of a workforce of 90,000 people? In November, Google's senior management employees reportedly reported that 20,000 workers… Continue Reading →

Alphabet & # 39; s Loon associates with Telesat Canada to participate in the management of its low-orbiting satellites, while Loon moves away from its goal of providing Internet to billions of people

Since his secret debut in 2011, Loon has been pursuing the seemingly unachievable task of bringing the Internet to the remotest corners of the world with stratospheric helium balloons. Now, after almost a decade, the Alphabet-owned company is entering a… Continue Reading →

Apple's management of the terrible FaceTime spy virus shows that privacy is a right when it's good

In the space of about an hour last night, things went wrong for Apple. What started with the report of a seemingly incredible bug has ended with the disabling of one of the high-end features of iOS 12 as a… Continue Reading →

Ironclad, a start-up focused on automating the creation and management of legal contracts and other paperwork, announces Sequoia's $ 23 million fundraising

But Ironclad is not modeled on Palantir, which provides services and software. "We really want to be a product company from the start, with everyone on the same platform and the same stack," Boehmig said. In addition to automating contracts… Continue Reading →

The computer security and data management company in the cloud, Rubrik, leaves the server online without a password, exposing dozens of GB of data, customer names, contact information, case

A security breach of the servers has updated a massive database of information about customers belonging to Rubrik, a giant of computer security and cloud data management. The company put the server offline Tuesday in the hour that followed its… Continue Reading →

Mosyle, a mobile device management platform for Apple devices used by 8500 schools in more than 70 countries, raises $ 16 million in Series A to grow in business markets

Mosyle's mission is to streamline the IT management of iPads, iPhones, Macs, Apple TVs and other Apple devices. And in the wake of a successful race in the education market, it's about raising money to start a business. The two-year-old… Continue Reading →

Benchmark Awards 2019 Finalists: Melbourne Water Appeals to AI for Asset and Knowledge Management Systems

Melbourne Water has turned to artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure that water penetrates as efficiently as possible into the taps of Victorian capitals, while reducing costly flood risks. Transporting water from the Sugarloaf Reservoir through the Winneke Water… Continue Reading →

Keyfactor Digital Identity Management Company, formerly Certified Security Solutions, Announces $ 77 Million Financing for Growth, Led by Insight Venture Partners

Keyfactor, formerly Certified Security Solutions, was founded in 2001 with the mission to automate the management of digital security in the automotive, finance, healthcare and retail sectors. . In nearly 20 years since its creation, it has made a significant… Continue Reading →

The Dutch shipping company TomTom will sell Telematics, its fleet management company, to Japan's Bridgestone for € 910 million.

FILE PHOTO: TomTom navigation images appear in front of the logo shown in this illustration, taken on July 28, 2017. REUTERS / Dado Ruvic AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – The Dutch navigation and digital map group TomTom announced on Tuesday that it… Continue Reading →

Rubrik, which provides business data management and backup services, raises $ 261 million with a $ 3.3 billion valuation of Bain Capital Ventures and others

There is a growing demand for enhanced security at every point of the computing ecosystem. Today, one of the most successful start-ups to emerge in recent years announces significant funding. Rubrik, which provides enterprise data management and backup services over… Continue Reading →

IDG contributor network: the new CIO psstcela reading book is also suitable for other IT management positions.

As a result, you survived multiple interview trips, negotiated with your new compensation program, and persuaded a reluctant spouse to move (again!). Today is your first day working as a new CIO. What are you going to do? At first… Continue Reading →

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