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Controversy after a player Overwatch Contenders turns out to be a man

Was it sexism or a social experience? That is the question that shook the world of video games this week, after a gender flexing experience caused big problems for a big studio. It all started when a player claimed to… Continue Reading →

A British man sentenced to more than 2 years in prison for DDoS attack who destroyed Internet connectivity in Liberia in 2016, after hiring an ISP to attack a rival

A British court today sentenced a 30-year-old man to two years and eight months in prison for using a DDoS botnet to attack and destroy Internet connectivity in Liberia in the fall of 2016. It is Daniel Kaye, 30, also… Continue Reading →

Divorce Bezos: How Washington's "Community Property" Will Divide the Assets of the World's Richest Man

Breaking News Emails Receive last minute alerts and special reports. News and stories that matter, delivered the mornings of the week. SUBSCRIBE January 11, 2019, 16:32 GMT By Danny Cevallos The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, announced this week that… Continue Reading →

German man confesses to hacking politicians' data, officials say

BERLIN – A 20-year-old German student took advantage of passwords as weak as "Iloveyou" and "1234" to hack online accounts of hundreds of lawmakers and personalities whom he hated political positions, revealed Tuesday responsible, shaking the pose ask questions about… Continue Reading →

Atlanta prosecutor sues DOJ for stalling investigation into incident where police killed man 59 times

A case involving shocking figures resulted in a lawsuit against the DOJ. An investigation into a raid that resulted in the application of 59 bullets by law enforcement officers on the body of an Atlanta resident is endless and seems… Continue Reading →

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