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What to expect at MWC 2019: new flagship products from Sony, LG and Chinese companies, foldable phones from Huawei and others, back from Hololens and a lot of 5G hype

In the coming days, the global technology press will travel to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, the world's largest mobile technology event. Although the January CES has a broad technological mission that includes everything from From televisions to smart… Continue Reading →

Hoffman and Yeh's "Blitzscaling" provides practical advice to start-ups, but presents a lot of revisionist history and ignores the dangers of venture capital-fueled hyper-growth

The pursuit of monopoly has misled Silicon Valley. Look no further than the race between Lyft and Uber to dominate the online race market. Both companies are preparing for their IPO in the coming months. Street Talk is filming Lyft… Continue Reading →

Why Spotify bets a lot on podcasting

Sales of podcasting amounted to $ 314 million in 2017, according to a third-party survey that was released last summer. It is a large number for what is traditionally considered a niche and difficult to make money with medium, but… Continue Reading →

Ikea's Symfonisk Sonos speaker will be available in August, at a price that "will reach a lot of people"

Prototype models of Symfonisk Sonos A new Ikea video that has been circulating for two days indicates that the collaboration between the Swedish furniture company and Sonos, known as Symfonisk, will arrive in stores in August. The video, originally discovered… Continue Reading →

The redesign of Twitter looks a lot like Facebook, with more neo-Nazis

Photo: Matt Rourke (Grouvy Today) Twitter will release beta updates, including "conversational" chat bubbles and color-coded / indented answers, depending on whether or not you follow another user in the coming weeks, Verge said on Wednesday. Other features in the… Continue Reading →

Bandersnatch has a lot of paths, but does any of them add anything?

Call me old-fashioned, but I like a good story, and none of the versions of "Bandersnatch" that I've watched – made? activated? selected? – I have enough. I do not know if it's a failure of my own imagination and… Continue Reading →

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