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Tesla & # 39; Dog Mode & # 39; and & # 39; Sentry Mode & # 39; are now live to protect your car and pets

Tesla has officially released two features for its electric vehicles, aimed at protecting the love of owners: their car and pets, because the company strives to use its ability to provide a continuous stream of new opportunities through software updates… Continue Reading →

The live interview on Twitter of Jack Dorsey and Kara Swisher could have been an interesting conversation, but the limitations of live chat on Twitter made it hard to follow.

Twitter wants to be the place of the most important public conversations online. He still has some serious work to do. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, and recoding Co-founder Kara Swisher has agreed to conduct an interview on Twitter on… Continue Reading →

LinkedIn launches LinkedIn, a new live video streaming service, in US-only beta.

LinkedIn – the social network for the world of work that has nearly 600 million users worldwide – claims that video is the fastest growing format on its platform, with original written work , shared news and other content. Now,… Continue Reading →

The US Army begins deploying FLIR Black Hornet nano-drones measuring 6.6 inches in diameter, weighing less than 33 grams, and providing HD photos and live video footage to soldiers

FLIR The US military aims to equip almost all of its ground combat units with tiny drones capable of spying on other forces in the sky. The awarded $ 39.6 million contract has enriched the coffers of FLIR Systems, an… Continue Reading →

A reporter describes what it is like to live without using or accessing a single product from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft for a week.

Goodbye Big FiveReporter Kashmir Hill has blocked six weeks to prevent Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple from getting his money, his data and his attention, with the help of a VPN customized. Here is what happened. Week 6: block… Continue Reading →

Amazon launches Amazon Live, a streaming site, and Amazon Live Creator, a free iOS app, for Amazon's hosts and brands to showcase the products available.

Amazon is committed to QVC with the launch of Amazon Live, which offers live video shows of talented amazon as well as brands that stream their own live feeds through a new app, Amazon Live Creator. In live broadcasts, presenters… Continue Reading →

Microsoft would like to use Xbox Live to support cross-platform games such as Fortnite

Microsoft looks set to expand the reach of its gaming ecosystem by connecting games on iOS, Android and even the Nintendo Switch to its Xbox Live multiplayer platform. Sharing successes, friend lists and gaming was the first step towards creating… Continue Reading →

Google announces Live Transcribe, a near real-time transcriptionist and sound amplifier; both are Pixel 3 accessibility features and available as apps on Play Store

Google announces today two new features for Android phones: Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier. They are both designed as accessibility features to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Live Transcribe is an application that automatically transcribes speech… Continue Reading →

Microsoft to Announce Xbox Live SDK to 2019 GDC to Enable Cross-Platform Play on iOS, Android, Switch, Xbox and Windows Computers

At GDC 2019, Microsoft is preparing to launch a new multiplatform development platform with the goal of bringing Xbox Live support to games on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, in addition to PC and Xbox consoles. . Microsoft already has some… Continue Reading →

YouTube's $ 40 monthly live streaming service is being expanded nationwide

Break news e-mails Receive news reports and special reports. The news and the stories that matter are delivered on weekday mornings. REGISTER 23 January 2019, 15:43 GMT / Source: By Jillian D & # 39; Onfro, CNBC Google's TV… Continue Reading →

TiVo talks about streaming apps, Android hardware and a potential live TV service

In the era of cord cut, TiVo's consumer business has become quite predictable. From 2017 to 2018, TiVo lost about 5% of its cable-DVR subscriber base, which roughly corresponds to the overall decline in the number of cable TV subscriptions…. Continue Reading →

After rising Netflix prices, Hulu will lower its basic advertising-funded subscription fee to $ 6 / month, from $ 8 / month, and bring its live TV service to $ 45 / month on February 26th.

Hulu has just announced that it will lower the price of its basic advertising-funded subscription to $ 5.99 per month, up from 7.99 currently, starting Feb. 26. Hulu has already offered its service for $ 5.99 previously on a promotional… Continue Reading →

For AR / VR 2.0 to live, AR / VR 1.0 must die

More from this contributor Chinese investments in computer vision technologies and ARs increase as US funding runs out The ecosystem of reality: what the AR / VR / XR has to become big The future of AR / VR could… Continue Reading →

A white tiger named Kenny raised for $ 50G, allowed to live because the owner's son "thought Kenny was cute"

Kenny's brother, Willie, who met his eyes. Credit: Turpentine Creek Wildlife With his broad face, short muzzle and enormous under-bite, Kenny's rare white tiger offers a strange spectacle. The appearance of Kenny, which many people have cruelly and incorrectly… Continue Reading →

How NASDAQ Uses Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and Virtualization Without Service Disruption (VB Live)

Hyper-converged infrastructure is a great solution, but adding virtualization to the stack means more savings, increased IT agility, advanced multi-cloud capability, and more. To learn more about how virtualization can eliminate complexity and increase efficiency, and how to choose the… Continue Reading →

Researchers are developing a tool to predict where Twitter users live with 92.5% accuracy using GPS data from geolocated tweets published before April 2015.

An international group of researchers has developed an algorithmic tool that uses Twitter to automatically predict where you live in minutes, with an accuracy of over 90%. It can also predict where you work, where you pray, and other information… Continue Reading →

Sources: Amazon-owned Ring gave its teams in Ukraine and the United States unfiltered cloud access to live video and video feeds with unencrypted home security cameras.

The "smart home" of the 21st century is not only supposed to be a monument to convenience, we are told, but also to protection, a bubble of vigilant algorithms and sensors connected to the Internet, like that of Tony Stark,… Continue Reading →

Twitter renews its advertising sales partnership with BuzzFeed for its live morning show "AM to DM" for a year; BuzzFeed indicates that the average of full episodes is 400,000 views

Twitter has renewed BuzzFeed's live morning show "AM to DM" for a full year. The daily morning show, which was premiered for the first time on Twitter in September 2017 and lasts more than one hour each weekday morning, will… Continue Reading →

CES 2019: The Willow 2.0 Breast Pump Helps Women Live Their Lives While They Are Nursing

Willow made waves a few years ago for her reinvented breast pump that slips into a bra and connects to the user's smartphone for easy tracking. Today, at CES 2019, the company is offering a second – generation device, which… Continue Reading →

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