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Amelia Earhart: recently discovered images could shed light on the disappearance of the aviator

Newly discovered images could shed light on the disappearance of Amelia Earhart New images, acquired after 10 years of negotiations, could help shed light on the disappearance in 1937 of the famous aviator Amelia Earhart. According to the international group… Continue Reading →

Revised GE Vintage LED Light Bulbs: 21st Century Lighting with an Early 20th Century Aesthetics

The typical LED bulb is hardly a work of art. Loaded with electronics, they are typically characterized by a large plastic base of industrial appearance and are covered with frosted glass to hide their simple interior operation. All of this… Continue Reading →

Best smart light bulbs for your connected home

Smart light bulbs – LED bulbs that can be controlled by a hub or smartphone app – are no longer a new idea. What is The novelty is how much this technology has evolved since its appearance just a few… Continue Reading →

Logitech K800 Wireless Light Keypad: Light allows you to work all night

The Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is essential if you are typing late at night or working in dark environments. This backlit keyboard not only provides the necessary light, but also offers one of the most comfortable and enjoyable typing… Continue Reading →

Profile of David Carroll, whose two-year struggle to recover his data from Cambridge Analytica has shed light on broad questions about data privacy.

It's eight o'clock on a Wednesday morning in January and David Carroll's apartment in Brooklyn, a sunny beauty with wooden beams reconverted in an old sandpaper factory, buzzes. Her 10-year-old daughter, dressed in polka-dot pants, walks past the front door… Continue Reading →

This huge black hole turns at half the speed of light

The illustration of this artist shows the area around a supermassive black hole after a star got too close and was torn apart. Some star remains are drawn into an X-ray shiny disc where they encircle the black hole before… Continue Reading →

Razer will allow you to control the light effects of your PC gaming console with the help of Alexa

Razer has always relied on the game stereotype of bright and conspicuous LED lights and other customizable neon aesthetics for PC gaming. It will now allow you to verbally control these lights using Alexa from Amazon. Today at CES, Razer… Continue Reading →

Felix Gray's latest glasses reduce blue light to help you sleep

Forty-four percent of Americans would like to sleep better, according to lifestyle brand Felix Gray. Thus, in order to help people improve their sleep, the company announced the new glasses Felix Gray Sleep. Felix Gray was previously known for his… Continue Reading →

Instagram accounts would have coordinated the sharing of child pornography with the help of hashtags, then a viral campaign brought it to light and finally Instagram banned the tags.

Suspected users of child pornography have set up anonymous accounts with usernames or nicknames to discard, such as @ dropbox_nudes_4_real (which has since been removed). The @ZZtails accounts and other members, which are also on the hashtag, contain blank posts… Continue Reading →

Leeo's new night light helps your family monitor each other

The left application receives information from the sensor night light equipped with right sensors. OEAA Designed in a spirit of "reciprocity," the Leeo Ping service is essentially an app that lets you see the status of a selected group of… Continue Reading →

Leaked photos reveal group calling and low light mode might come to Google Duo

One of the more interesting storylines out of Google in 2018 was the continued fractured nature of the company’s overall strategy when it comes to messaging apps and platforms. Whereas Apple has the simplicity of iMessage, and Facebook has successful… Continue Reading →

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