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Smart Alarm Clock from Lenovo asks you to wake up with Google

The new Lenovo smart clock at $ 79 with built-in Google assistant. Image: bridget bennet / mashable By Karissa Bell2019-01-10 02:15:45 UTC Once again, Google and Lenovo have joined forces to integrate Google Assistant into your life. This time, it's… Continue Reading →

Lenovo upgrades the Yoga C730 with a beautiful AMOLED display

For people who prefer high-end TVs, upgrading their Lenovo 4K AMOLED Yoga C730 laptop should prompt you to make a decision – it's a high-quality 360-degree convertible multimedia computer . Lenovo's C730 Yoga with AMOLED should be one of the… Continue Reading →

Lenovo integrates Amazon Alexa into Android tablets Smart Tab M10 and P10 Android

The Lenovo Smart Tab M10 and P10 are ready to go out of their Android tablet life. You may use them a few hours a day as a tablet. But if you pair them with included Smart Dock docking stations,… Continue Reading →

Lenovo Reduces Smart Google Assistant Display to Smart 4-inch Clock for Music and Alarms

If the current smart screens are too big for you, Lenovo's new smart clock might be your traffic jam. The display optimized by the Google Assistant is not just small enough to fit on your bedside table, it's barely bigger… Continue Reading →

Lenovo launches smart devices at CES 2019, says Google Assistant duopoly, Amazon Amazon Digital Assistant

Lenovo has launched a smart clock that accompanies its Smart Display and Smart Home Essentials devices. And as for clocks, Lenovo does not reinvent exactly the category. In fact, Lenovo's device, "specially designed for your bedroom," relies on Google Assistant… Continue Reading →

Lenovo announces Smart Clock, a $ 79 clock optimized by Google Assistant with a 4-inch screen, available this spring

Amazon's smart home philosophy – placing Alexa in everything, even the most ordinary of products – pushes Google and its hardware partners to develop similar devices with very narrow use cases. Today, Lenovo has announced the creation of its new… Continue Reading →

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