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GitHub expands its bug bonus program by increasing the rewards amount, removing a maximum reward limit, and adding the Safe Harbor legal requirements; GitHub paid more than $ 250,000 in 2018

GitHub has today reinforced its insect bonus program. Microsoft has expanded the scope of the program, increased the amount of its rewards and added to its policy the terms of Legal Safe Harbor. GitHub also revealed that it has paid… Continue Reading →

Automatic license plate readers, formerly reserved for law enforcement, are now being used by private citizens, raising fears of abuse and new legal and ethical issues.

The state of supervision is no longer limited to the state. For years, police services have been monitoring people's cars with the help of cameras that record the license plate number of each passing vehicle. Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San… Continue Reading →

How Locast, a free streaming service for local television with about 60,000 users in several major US cities, hopes to avoid the legal fate of Aereo

More and more Americans are getting free live television signals – about 16 million homes, up from 11 million eight years ago, according to Nielsen. But this figure is still ridiculous compared to the 90 million paying households for video… Continue Reading →

Ironclad, a start-up focused on automating the creation and management of legal contracts and other paperwork, announces Sequoia's $ 23 million fundraising

But Ironclad is not modeled on Palantir, which provides services and software. "We really want to be a product company from the start, with everyone on the same platform and the same stack," Boehmig said. In addition to automating contracts… Continue Reading →

An American judge rejects the regulation of Yahoo data breaches, citing high legal fees and the size of the Yahoo class disclosed in private as being smaller than its active user base

(Reuters) – A US judge rejected Yahoo's proposed settlement with millions of people whose e-mail addresses and other personal information had been stolen during the largest data breach in history, blaming the provider for Internet services to lack transparency. FILE… Continue Reading →

The Austin-based legal services start-up company, Disco, raises $ 83 million from the E series, bringing the total to $ 135 million.

Austin– The start-up Legal Tech, Disco, announced Thursday to have raised an additional $ 83 million. The round was led by Georgian Partners, a Toronto-based firm, with the participation of existing investors, Bessemer Venture Partners, LiveOak Venture Partners, The Stephens… Continue Reading →

Google's Legal Position May Threaten Walkout Organizers, Activists Say

Less than three months after a massive employee protest, Google is facing a new outcry from workers for putting forward a controversial legal argument in the context of a lawsuit. As reported by BloombergGoogle's lawyers opposed a crucial precedent allowing… Continue Reading →

A bird in start back in the legal row of electric scooters

A scooter company apologized after publishing a journalist legally threatened on a blog post about his scooters. The start-up Bird offers electric scooters in about 40 cities in the United States, which are hired via an application. Bird accused Cory… Continue Reading →

Bird scooter hire company apologizes to Cory Doctorow after threatening legal retaliation for a post on a blog about modifying Bird scooters.

A scooter company apologized after publishing a journalist legally threatened on a blog post about his scooters. The start-up Bird offers electric scooters in about 40 cities in the United States, which are hired via an application. Bird accused Cory… Continue Reading →

Apple's chief operating officer, Jeff Williams, testified that Apple had tried to create two sources of iPhone modems in 2018, as before, but Qualcomm did not want to sell its products despite legal battles.

Jeff Williams, director of operations at Apple, talks about the Apple Watch at an event in September. He spoke in the FTC case against Qualcomm on Monday. Getty Images Apple wanted to use Qualcomm's 4G LTE processors in its latest… Continue Reading →

Bird Rides Inc. demands removal of news report on legal reuse of scooters

From time to time, we must remind someone that it is not illegal for people to report facts that they do not like. This time, the offender is the electric scooter rental company Bird Rides, Inc. Electric scooters have invaded… Continue Reading →

In the midst of a legal battle in Los Angeles against alleged data mining practices, the IBM Weather Corporation unveils hyperlocal weather forecasts, which exploit data from users' smartphone sensors.

While the City of Los Angeles is suing IBM, accusing it of secretly ransacking user data in the Weather Channel application in the United States, it is currently testing the problem of another meteorological function. hyperlocal that, coincidentally, relies on… Continue Reading →

Kyocera BrandVoice: Can good office equipment improve our legal culture?

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " By Amanda Reaume The legal sector is ripe for technological disruption. Part of the reason is the cumbersome paperwork, be it documents that first-year lawyers and other staff members have to look for,… Continue Reading →

Legal 2019 Technical Challenge: Put everyone on the same page

Enthusiasts of legal technology are likely to receive 2019 with some enthusiasm. After all, each new year brings a new opportunity for technological progress. But for many law firms and law departments, in 2019, focus will remain on proven technologies… Continue Reading →

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