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Internal documents show that Google's sidewalk labs are planning an expansion into the Toronto Harbor lands, asking for a share of property taxes, as well as a development fee

Google's futuristic development on the East Seafront, Quayside, is only the first step in an ambitious and ambitious plan to build new neighborhoods – and new public transit – in the entire Lands port, learned the Star. In return for… Continue Reading →

Activision Blizzard Announces Record Net Income of $ 1.8 Billion in 2018, But Reports Layoff of 8% of Staff, About 800 People, in a Context of Internal Changes and Unmet Expectations

UPDATE: Activision Blizzard licenses approximately 775 people, or 8% of its 9,600 employees, while it focuses its efforts on its Call of Duty, Candy Crush, Overwatch, Warcraft, Hearthstone and Diablo franchises. Activision called the move "de-prioritizing" initiatives that did not… Continue Reading →

Sources: Apple has transferred its modem engineering unit to its internal hardware technology group headed by Johny Srouji, senior vice president of Apple hardware technology.

Feb. 7 (Reuters) – Apple Inc. has transferred its modem chip engineering business to its internal hardware technology group, Reuters told two people familiar with the move, saying the company wanted to develop a key component of its iPhones after… Continue Reading →

Google's 2018 internal employee satisfaction survey: 74% of employees say "positive" that the management team can lead effectively in the future, compared to 92% in 2017

Google is a data-obsessed company, but the recent cascade of employee activism can be difficult to quantify. How do you take the temperature of a workforce of 90,000 people? In November, Google's senior management employees reportedly reported that 20,000 workers… Continue Reading →

Detail of Facebook's internal rating detailing the distribution and integration of its search application, as well as defending its methods of data collection and disclosures

Facebook today released an internal memo to minimize damage to the morale of the TechCrunch survey, which reveals that it was paying people who were craving all their phone data. Developed by Business Insider's Rob Price, the memo from Pedro… Continue Reading →

Apple restores Google's internal iOS apps after being disciplined for certificate abuse

Apple has prevented Google from distributing its internal iOS apps only on its corporate network after a TechCrunch survey revealed that the search giant was abusing certificates. "We are working with Apple to fix a temporary shutdown of some of… Continue Reading →

Apple restores Google's internal iOS apps after criminal abuse

Apple has blocked Google from distributing its internal iOS apps on its corporate network only after a TechCrunch survey has shown that the search giant is abusing the certificates. "We are working with Apple to address a temporary outage in… Continue Reading →

Facebook states that Apple has reinstated its access to corporate certificates by releasing internal applications online

Update: In a memo obtained by Internal business, Facebook continues to defend its search application, as well as its decision to distribute it through business certificates. Read the details below. In a new statement today, Facebook says that Apple has… Continue Reading →

Apple is restoring Facebook's ability to run internal iOS apps

Facebook said today that Apple has restored its enterprise certificate, the software license that allows the social network to load internal mobile apps on the devices of employees, beta testers and research participants. The move comes about a day after… Continue Reading →

Apple prevents Google from running its internal iOS apps

Apple has now closed Google's ability to distribute its internal iOS apps, following a similar shutdown issued to Facebook earlier this week. Someone familiar with the situation tells it The edge that early versions of Google Maps, Hangouts, Gmail, and… Continue Reading →

Apple terminates Facebook's ability to distribute iOS internal applications, blocking the personnel transport application and early releases of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger

Apple has ended Facebook's ability to distribute internal iOS applications, from early versions of the Facebook application to basic tools such as the lunch menu. A person familiar with the situation tells The edge that the first versions of Facebook,… Continue Reading →

Memo: Facebook confirms Apple's disabled access to internal iOS applications and claims that its system is "working closely" to restore "our most critical internal applications immediately"

Apple has paralyzed the work on Facebook and employees of the social network are "pissed off". TechCrunch announced Tuesday that Facebook was discreetly managing a research program that paid teenagers and adults to let tech giant Silicon Valley spy on… Continue Reading →

Apple prevents Facebook from running its internal iOS apps

Apple has closed Facebook's ability to distribute internal iOS apps, from early releases of the Facebook app to basic tools such as a lunch menu. Someone familiar with the situation tells it The edge that early versions of Facebook, Instagram,… Continue Reading →

Internal sources and documents describe how Facebook makes moderators aware of political issues and possible "public relations fires" in different elections.

This article is part of a series of motherboards on moderation strategies of Facebook content. You can read the rest of the cover here. In anticipation of elections, Facebook becomes a battleground. Russian troll farms have flooded the platform with… Continue Reading →

Facebook has authorized "friendly fraud" to benefit children, issuing internal memos

Facebook has allowed children to rack up huge bills for digital games while the company rejected the recommendations to deal with what it termed "friendly fraud," according to recently released court documents. The internal memos of Facebook and other registrations… Continue Reading →

In an internal message, Sophie Alpert, a Facebook official who oversaw React, announced that she had resigned after being harassed for criticizing Facebook's lack of diversity.

The problem of Facebook's diversity has been overshadowed over the last year by the biggest crises within the company related to protecting users' privacy and securing the platform against the manipulation of foreign actors. With a stockpile down more than… Continue Reading →

Overview of WikiLeaks internal data collected by the United States Government from 2009 to 2017 at least, including discussions with information to identify certain sources

Photo: Frank Augstein (Grouvy Today) At the end of last year, the US government had accidentally revealed that a sealed suit had been filed against Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. Shortly before this was made public, the FBI had… Continue Reading →

An internal NASA app leaked employee emails and project names

A NASA web application leaked information such as user names, names, e-mail addresses, and project names of employees. ZDNet learned today about bug hunter Avinash Jain. This exhibition came from one of NASA's Jira facilities, a web application that most… Continue Reading →

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