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Coinbase buys blockchain intelligence to improve security and discover new assets

Coinbase, the most valuable crypt company in the world, is preparing to add more cryptocurrencies to the exchange thanks to the latest acquisition. We already know that the company wants to offer an abundance of new crypto-assets, but today it… Continue Reading →

Six advantages of man-made artificial intelligence artificial intelligence

The hype around artificial intelligence has reached its peak at the present time, but the reality is that computers capable of thinking like people are still far away. Nowadays, AI offers great value, but it is the form of human… Continue Reading →

An overview of how the Enron Corpus, a public database of more than 600,000 emails that helped bring down Enron, helped artificial intelligence researchers build natural language models

During its investigation into Enron's bankruptcy in 2002, the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) reviewed e-mails from the energy company: more than 600,000 messages sent by 158 employees, mostly senior executives. The missives collected – a mix of high-level… Continue Reading →

Chinese startup Fourier Intelligence wants to reinvent the exoskeleton market

Read 6 min Fourier Intelligence introduced its newest generation rehabilitation exoskeleton product, "Fourier X2," on 20 January to help rehabilitation in the lower limbs in patients with stroke and other victims of mobility problems. (Photo courtesy of China Money Network)… Continue Reading →

IBM extends Watson-branded artificial intelligence services to its own cloud platform and now enables businesses to run them on their own datacenters

IBM announced today the release of its Watson brand artificial intelligence services, such as the Watson Wizard for the creation of conversation interfaces and Watson OpenScale for the management of the cycle of life of the AI, from its own… Continue Reading →

In the Israeli private intelligence company Psy-Group, which was providing avatars for campaigns to influence social media, before closing its doors in February 2018

One night in 2016, Alex Gutiérrez, a 25-year-old community college student, was waiting at La Piazza Ristorante Italiano, an upscale restaurant in Tulare, California's San Joaquin Valley. Gutiérrez spotted Yorai Benzeevi, a doctor who ran the local hospital, sitting at… Continue Reading →

Uber launches Ludwig, an open source IA toolbox built on TensorFlow that allows users to train and test artificial intelligence models without having to write code.

Do you want to seriously immerse yourself in the development of artificial intelligence (AI), but find the piece of programming daunting? Do not worry, Uber supports you. Ludwig, the driving giant, debuted today, an open source "toolbox" built on Google's… Continue Reading →

An Apple store salesman has questioned my intelligence, says a customer

Sell ​​a little too much? (Image: ZDNet) In general, I found the Apple Store sellers relatively reasonable. Also: Labs with Apple's new iPad Pro and MacBook Air They sometimes assume that you swim in Cupertino Kool-Aid as often as they… Continue Reading →

4 ways in which artificial intelligence can stimulate digital transformation in agriculture

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " Getty The United Nations reports that about 1/3 of the food produced worldwide every year is lost or wasted, and I think that number is not that surprising. Those of us in the… Continue Reading →

BrandPost: start with your most pressing problems before starting an artificial intelligence project

A lot of my job is talking to business leaders and CEOs. However, my responsibilities also include training our internal sales teams to help them be better able to have informed conversations with their customers. In addition to the webinars,… Continue Reading →

Microsoft launches Healthcare Bot Bot Service, allowing users to create chatbots and health assistants using artificial intelligence, adds integration of health records to Azure and teams

Credit: Microsoft Microsoft introduces some of the new health care tools and features it will present next week at the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference. The company generally offers its medical bot service; add more health-specific features… Continue Reading →

How a 14-year-old Hong Kong developer created Timeless, an application that uses artificial face recognition and artificial intelligence to help Alzheimer's patients identify people in photos

For many teens, their lives can usually be centered on homework and time spent with friends. This is not the case for Emma Yang. At the age of 14, Yang, a native of Hong Kong, has already created his own… Continue Reading →

Sources describe in detail the Raven project in the United Arab Emirates, a group of more than 12 former US intelligence agents who help monitor governments, activists and critics, sometimes using NSA tactics

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two weeks after leaving his position as intelligence analyst for the US National Security Agency in 2014, Lori Stroud was working in the Middle East as a hacker for an Arab monarchy. She had joined Project Raven,… Continue Reading →

BrandPost: artificial intelligence transforms manufacturing

To thrive in today's global markets, manufacturers need to optimize everything they command – supply chain, materials and order management, engineering design, manufacturing engineering, in-store operations, fulfillment of orders, logistics and services. With these goals in mind, manufacturers reinvent their… Continue Reading →

Inside the futuristic FlyZoo hotel of 290 rooms Alibaba, where he presents his prowess in terms of artificial intelligence and incubates the technologies that he wants to sell to the industry. hotel

HANGZHOU, China (Reuters) – Silently sliding into the futuristic "FlyZoo" hotel of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (BABA.N), its disc-shaped black robots measuring about a meter in height deliver food and place towels own. The robots are part of a series… Continue Reading →

Artificial intelligence identifies a human ancestor who would have been hybrid of Neanderthals and Denisovans

The in-depth learning algorithm has identified the genome of a human ancestor who would have been a hybrid of Neanderthals and Denisovans. This species is not known to modern science. (Rodrigo of the torre | Pixabay) Artificial intelligence seems to… Continue Reading →

Strategy Robot, founded by the creators of an artificial intelligence robot that beat four of the best Texas Hold 'Em professional players, signs a $ 10 million, two-year contract with the company. 39th US Army

In 2017, a poker robot called Libratus hit the headlines beating four top players in Texas Hold 'Em. Limitless. Now, Libratus's technology is being adapted to face opponents of another kind, serving the US military. Libratus – Latin for Balanced… Continue Reading →

BrandPost: artificial intelligence opens new frontiers in the health sector

All healthcare providers share the goal of treating more patients, reducing the cost of health care and achieving better results for patients and businesses. With these goals in mind, many vendors are now adopting artificial intelligence solutions. AI is committed… Continue Reading →

National real-time intelligence system quietly earns an additional $ 59 million

The federal government doubled its investment in the new national crime information system, approving an additional $ 59.1 million for the first phase of construction. The additional funds allocated to the project were quietly handed over to the Australian Criminal… Continue Reading →

Humatics raises $ 28 million A1 series for a space intelligence platform that allows industrial robots to navigate factories and warehouses with centimeter accuracy

Humatics, the Waltham, Massachusetts-based start-up, working on microlocation technology for robots and autonomous vehicles, announced today that it has raised $ 28 million in an A1 series. Tenfore Holdings, with the participation of Blackhorn Ventures, JCI Ventures (the venture capital… Continue Reading →

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