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An investigation reveals that YouTube encourages wrong anti-vaccine information in search results and recommendations.

Facebook, under pressure from lawmakers and in the midst of a measles outbreak at the national level, says it wants to work to ensure that anti-vaccination content is not recommended algorithmically to users. However, on YouTube, an increasingly popular source… Continue Reading →

Personal information of disabled workers will be centralized in the new NDIS database

Australians who have applied for a screening check for disabled workers will register their personal information in a new online database of national authorizations to improve the portability of their probity certificates. The legislation that underlies the centralized database was… Continue Reading →

Report: 2.7 million calls from patients to the Swedish health hotline were discovered exposed on an unprotected server, as well as other sensitive personal information

Audio recordings of 2.7 million calls made to 1177 Vårdguiden – the Swedish health care hotline – have been made available to everyone online, according to Sweden's technical publication Computer Sweden. The 170,000 hours of extremely sensitive calls were stored… Continue Reading →

According to rumor, Apple's information service will have to overcome three obstacles

Apple's plan to launch a news subscription service is an open secret. A little less than a year ago, the company announced the acquisition of the existing Text Magazine subscription service, which Apple CEO, Eddy Cue, quickly revealed that It… Continue Reading →

Detail report on Huawei's efforts to steal Apple's intellectual property, including pressuring vendors to obtain detailed information about Apple Watch, copying a MacBook Pro component, the report of the new employees

Last month, the United States Department of Justice announced a series of criminal lawsuits against Chinese smartphone maker Huawei for theft of trade secrets, bank fraud, wire fraud and obstruction of justice. Today & # 39; hui, L & #… Continue Reading →

The report of a British parliamentary committee on false information and misinformation, expected Monday, should be very critical with regard to Facebook and its CEO "duplicace"

Facebook can not be trusted to regulate itself and must be subjected to new legislation in depth, announces a parliamentary report on Monday. It will also ask the government to launch an independent inquiry into foreign interference in the UK… Continue Reading →

Report: 17K Android apps, some with over 100 million installations, collect information that can be used to create a permanent record of user activity on the device for targeting some announcements

NurPhoto / Getty Images Some apps may track your activity over time, even when you tell them to forget about the past. And you can not do anything about it. About 17,000 Android apps collect credentials that create a permanent… Continue Reading →

Apple has signed many publishers on its next information service with a 50% revenue split, sources said, but this distribution likely will not satisfy major newspapers.

Apple says it wants to save journalism. All she wants in return is half of the revenue earned by journalists selling their items through a new Apple subscription service. Cue Internet outrage. The argument of everyone, from my colleague Casey… Continue Reading →

Facebook criticized by health experts for allowing the rise of closed groups sown with false information on vaccination, some with more than 150,000 members

Facebook is under pressure to prevent anti-vaccination groups from spreading false information about the dangers of life-saving vaccines, while selling unfounded alternative treatments, such as high doses of vitamin C. The so-called "anti-vaxxers" operate on Facebook in closed groups, where… Continue Reading →

The SEC accuses Gene Levoff, the former vice president of corporate law at Apple, of insider trading, alleging that he had exchanged information about profits in 2015 and 2016 ; Levoff was fired in September

Levoff was put off Apple in July 2018 and ended in September, according to the SEC trial. "After being contacted by the authorities last summer, we conducted a thorough investigation with the help of external legal experts, which resulted in… Continue Reading →

Google's rules regarding the inclusion of small publishers in Google News, one of the largest information platforms on the Internet, are opaque and randomly applied.

The future of publishing has been the subject of much discussion in recent years, especially as Facebook's traffic began to build, forcing publishers to look for new sources of traffic. However, what has never really been discussed is how these… Continue Reading →

Starting February 28, the button "Why do I see this?" Facebook's ads will show when a user's information has been uploaded for ad targeting and whether it's a brand or an agency.

The crackdown by Facebook on the targeting of non-consensual ads last year will finally produce results. In March, TechCrunch found that Facebook was planning to force advertisers to make sure they had permission to download a person's phone number or… Continue Reading →

Researchers discover a flaw in e-ticketing at more than 8 airlines, including Southwest, which would allow hackers to access sensitive information by intercepting e-mails for travelers.

Written by Jeff Stone February 6, 2019 | CYBERSCOOP According to a study released Wednesday by mobile security company Wandera, at least eight airlines, including Southwest, use electronic ticketing systems that could allow hackers to access sensitive information about travelers… Continue Reading →

From Denver, Uber adds a public transportation option, including real-time bus and train information, and plans to expand elsewhere in the coming months.

Uber customers living in Denver may notice something astonishing by opening up the company's application today: a tiny train wagon with the word "transit" next to it, sitting at the top of the list of usual driving options. A simple… Continue Reading →

The Google Screenwise Meter application brings users to share information since 2012, similar to the Facebook Search app, but with better disclosure.

It seems that Facebook was not the only one to abuse Apple's system for distributing employee-only apps to bypass the App Store and collect detailed user data. Google has launched an application called Screenwise Meter, which looks a lot like… Continue Reading →

Apple says it bans Facebook's search app that collects users' personal information

Facebook is at the center of another scandal about privacy – and this time users have not only done wrong. It has also made Apple angry. The short version: Apple says that Facebook has broken an agreement that it has… Continue Reading →

The computer security and data management company in the cloud, Rubrik, leaves the server online without a password, exposing dozens of GB of data, customer names, contact information, case

A security breach of the servers has updated a massive database of information about customers belonging to Rubrik, a giant of computer security and cloud data management. The company put the server offline Tuesday in the hour that followed its… Continue Reading →

DOJ: The indictment describes Huawei's efforts to steal T-Mobile's trade secrets and offers bonuses to staff who stole confidential information from other companies

A charge of ten unsealed charge in the West District of Washington State charges Huawei Device Co., Ltd. and Huawei Device Co. USA's conspiracy theft robbery, attempted theft of trade secrets, seven counts of wire fraud and one charge of… Continue Reading →

Federal prosecutors and the US court in Seattle agree to publish information on warrantless surveillance applications, disclose the number of cases and the crime being investigated

The public will learn how often federal investigators in Seattle get confidential information about your communications, such as the people you have called and when, as a result of a request for release of documents brought by an EFF customer…. Continue Reading →

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