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A security researcher says Twitter retains direct messages for years, including messages that users have deleted, which could be illegal under new EU laws on RPGPs

When does "delete" really mean to delete? Not always, or even at all, if you are Twitter. Twitter keeps direct messages for years, including messages that you and others have deleted, but also data sent to and from accounts that… Continue Reading →

Anti-Defamation League Survey: In 2018, 37% of Americans say they have been victims of serious online harassment, including criminal harassment and physical threats.

Despite the concerted efforts of technology giants to reduce heinous behavior on their platforms, a new survey reveals that serious forms of online hatred and harassment, including criminal harassment and physical threats, may be on the rise. According to the… Continue Reading →

Fashion, a collaborative analysis platform focused on empowering computer scientists, raised $ 23 million from the C series, and 600 organizations are now using it, including Twitch, Lyft and Shopify

Fashion, a San Francisco-based collaborative analysis platform established five years ago, leveraged $ 23 million in Series C funds led by Valor Equity Partners. Foundation Capital and REV Venture Partners, which respectively ran Mode A's and B's financing cycles, also… Continue Reading →

Overview of how Facebook open source projects, including Cassandra, GraphQL, the Open Compute initiative, PyTorch and React, have changed the computer

In the last 15 years, Facebook has changed the way we keep in touch with our friends, our quarrels with our family members, our way of thinking about privacy and our consumption of Russian propaganda – not always for the… Continue Reading →

WhatsApp declares prohibiting each month about 2 million falsified or abusive accounts, 75% of which without manual intervention, including 20% ​​at the time of registration.

WhatsApp today explained how it was addressing the spread of misinformation on its instant messaging platform as India was gearing up for its biggest election. The country is WhatsApp's largest market and a market on which its service has been… Continue Reading →

Researchers discover a flaw in e-ticketing at more than 8 airlines, including Southwest, which would allow hackers to access sensitive information by intercepting e-mails for travelers.

Written by Jeff Stone February 6, 2019 | CYBERSCOOP According to a study released Wednesday by mobile security company Wandera, at least eight airlines, including Southwest, use electronic ticketing systems that could allow hackers to access sensitive information about travelers… Continue Reading →

Grape, European market for savings and investment products, raises € 100 million in Series D shares from existing investors, including PayPal and Index Ventures

Grape, the european fintech market for savings and investment products, raised 100 million euros ($ 114 million) during a series D roundtable with the company. Existing investors including PayPal, Index Ventures, Ribbit Capital and Thrive Capital. This brings the total… Continue Reading →

Amazing discovery of the mummies: the remains of dozens of people, including children, found in Egyptian tombs

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered dozens of mummies in ancient desert funerary chambers. Some 40 human mummies have been found in the province of Minya, south of Cairo, officials said. The Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, Khaled El-Enany, said the newly discovered… Continue Reading →

The Unicode consortium finalizes its list of emoticons for 2019, including 230 new emojis such as "yawn" and "pinch hand", which should soon arrive on major platforms

The final emoji list for 2019 has now been approved by the Unicode consortium and includes a total of 230 new emojis arriving on the main platforms this year. Additions include already prepared candidates, such as a Flamingo, an Otter… Continue Reading →

TomTom is expanding its partnership with Microsoft to bring its location data to Microsoft's mapping services, including Bing, Cortana and Windows.

In 2016, TomTom announced for the first time a partnership with Microsoft to provide Azure with business-based location services based on TomTom's map, traffic and navigation software. Last year, Amazon AWS and the HERE localization platform announced a major partnership… Continue Reading →

In a document filed in Russia, Apple claims to store user data, including their names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers on Russian servers, in accordance with local law.

From Alexa to Nuance, including personal assistants who are learning your mood, an overview of the AI-based features that major automotive companies plan to deploy soon.

Aurich / Getty LAS VEGAS – Whether we like it or not, CES has become an auto show, for the same reason we cover the world of automobiles at Ars Technica. In simple terms, the technology sector has looked at… Continue Reading →

From Denver, Uber adds a public transportation option, including real-time bus and train information, and plans to expand elsewhere in the coming months.

Uber customers living in Denver may notice something astonishing by opening up the company's application today: a tiny train wagon with the word "transit" next to it, sitting at the top of the list of usual driving options. A simple… Continue Reading →

Google says Google+ for consumers will be closed on April 2; all content published by consumer accounts, including Google+ pages, photos, and videos, will be removed

At the end of 2018, Google announced that it would close Google+, its cluttered social network, aimed at consumers due to "low usage" (90% of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds) and "the difficulty of maintaining a product… Continue Reading →

Alphabet & # 39; s Jigsaw Extends Its Free Project Shield Service to EU Organizations, Including Journalists, to Defend Against DDoS Attacks Before the Elections

Misinformation concerns prevail before the elections, a period when secure access to authoritative information is essential. In recent years, as new attempts to disrupt democratic processes have come to light, the scale of our response has increased. The next elections… Continue Reading →

Facebook shares the draft proposal describing the operation of its new content review committee, suggesting that it has 40 different members, including no Facebook staff.

In November, Facebook announced a new plan that would reorganize how the company makes content policy decisions on its social network – it will begin sending some of the most contentious decisions to an independent review board. The board will… Continue Reading →

Profile of Lyft's CEO, Logan Green, including how he and his president, John Zimmer, collaborated to create the company

In 2011, Zimride raised $ 6 million. But as a Web service, he was caught off guard by the rise of smartphones and mobile applications. In 2012, Mr. Green decided to create Zimride, a peer-to-peer mobile phone service called Lyft…. Continue Reading →

A casino group behind sites like has left over 108 million records exposed on a server, including bets, withdrawals, names, personal addresses and phone numbers of players.

Image: Casino Kahuna, Composition: ZDNet ZDNet learned that a group of online casinos had leaked information on more than 108 million wagers, including detailed information about customers' personal information, deposits and withdrawals. Filtered data from an ElasticSearch server that has… Continue Reading →

The streaming platforms in India, including Netflix, are adopting a content self-regulation plan to prevent potential censorship; Amazon Prime Video does not connect

Netflix and other video streaming platforms have signed an agreement to self-regulate content in the booming Indian market. But Amazon and Facebook are up until now. The new "Code of Best Practice for Selected Content Providers Online", created by Internet… Continue Reading →

Singaporean company IHiS sacked two employees and fined five top executives, including a managing director, during the June 2018 SingHealth cyberattack, in which 1.5 million personal data were stolen

SINGAPORE: Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS) fired two employees for negligence following a cyber attack on SingHealth, in which personal information of 1.5 million patients was stolen, including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. IHiS, the central IT agency responsible for… Continue Reading →

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