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Sam Jadallah participates in Apple as a new leader on smart devices for home use

Sam Jadallah, the former CEO of a smart lock company that was closed a little over a year ago, has a new job: he will lead home initiatives at Apple, sources familiar with the business, CNBC said. Hiring Jadallah is… Continue Reading →

Technical Tip: How to Create a 3D Model of Your Home Renovation Vision

Do you have a lot of home improvement dreams, but you do not know where to start? Let yourself be guided by a free or inexpensive three-dimensional floor plan program. While creating a 3D model can not be a substitute… Continue Reading →

Best Smart Smoke Detector to Keep Your Home Safe

The concept is simple: a smoke alarm that tells you that there is a fire nearby is a very good one, but a smoke alarm that tells you that a fire, no matter where you are, is even better. Smart… Continue Reading →

Best smart light bulbs for your connected home

Smart light bulbs – LED bulbs that can be controlled by a hub or smartphone app – are no longer a new idea. What is The novelty is how much this technology has evolved since its appearance just a few… Continue Reading →

Ring, the home security company of Amazon, runs a social crime reporting network called Neighbors, where minor crimes are heavily monitored and where racism is common.

"MY PACKAGE THE FLIGHT HAS BEEN STOPPED !!!", reads an article about Neighbors, a "neighborhood watch" social network run by Ring, a home security systems company owned by Amazon. The publication shows two images side by side: one of a… Continue Reading →

Harman Kardon Enchant 800 Review of the Sound Bar: There are Many Better Values ​​in Home Audio

The sound from the speakers built into the TV is usually zero: it is invariably thin and weak and the dialogue is almost unintelligible. Of course, you can assemble a complete sound system with an A / V receiver and… Continue Reading →

The Houzz Home Improvement Platform is laying off about 180 people, about 10 percent of its workforce, and one source suggests more layoffs are being prepared as it prepares for its IPO.

Houzz has built a $ 4 billion business on the back of a platform and market that allows you to plan and execute home improvement projects. But as the startup prepares for its next phase of growth, it is also… Continue Reading →

Amazon joins the board of the Zigbee Alliance, which oversees the implementation of the Zigbee wireless protocol commonly used in smart home devices.

Amazon now has a say in developing a commonly used smart home standard, which gives it more power while still pushing smart speakers, cameras, doorbells and all other types gadgets in the homes of his clients. To date, Amazon sits… Continue Reading →

17 smart home appliances under $ 100 that will transform your home

Camryn Rabideau Commenté.com Posted at 9:32 pm EST January 17, 2019 – Our publishers review and recommend products to help you buy what you need. If you make a purchase by clicking on one of our links, we can earn… Continue Reading →

Nevo Butler is the latest smart home hub to come on the market

We are all pretty used to calling our different devices by voice, whether via Alexa, Amazon, Apple Siri or Google Assistant. Now, a new business is entering the smart home ecosystem. Universal Electronics, Inc. (UEI) Brings Nevo Butler's Smart Home… Continue Reading →

Knock, a home recovery platform set up by veterans of Trulia, raised $ 400 million in equity and debt financing Series B, led by Foundry Group.

The Knock home exchange platform has made a $ 400 million investment to accelerate a national expansion and double its workforce by 100 people. Foundry Group led the Series B financing round in Knock, New York, with the participation of… Continue Reading → Home Improvement Platform Raises $ 33 Million Series B, bringing Total to $ 60 Million is essentially a general contractor for the age of Uber and Prime Now. While the company began as a market for hiring home improvement professionals, it has now become a general contractor and serves Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, San… Continue Reading →

Hampton expands Array smart home product line

In 2018, Hampton Products had a busy week with the release of its Hampton Connected Array lock, compatible with solar backup, and this year 's announcement is even more stuffed with ads and product releases. Focused on outdoor safety, the… Continue Reading →

Black & Decker sits in the smart home with a Wi-Fi router and an innovative home care assistant

Whether the Black & Decker brand evokes images of power tools or appliances such as the Dustbuster, you probably will not think about it in the context of the smart home. It could soon change. The company is developing two… Continue Reading →

Extra-sensory RV Vacuum does what home experiences can not

The second time I passed through was without a helmet or virtual overlay. The "scene" was spartan and relatively compact, with low modular walls that can be rearranged in less than 20 minutes. Standard fans and radiators are at the… Continue Reading →

Project Alias ​​Amazon Echo hacker and Google Home to protect your personal data

The mushrooms of the rainforest can be nasty parasites. Wanting to reproduce, they will infect a much more powerful and powerful insect, taking control of their brain and using its force against it, animating the zombie insect to climb the… Continue Reading →

Best of CES: the smartest home and home entertainment equipment we've seen

The CES 2019 has been set to zero for a vertiginous number of connected devices. Let's be honest: we only saw a fraction of what the series has to offer. It's just that big. However, we have spotted most new… Continue Reading →

An extraterrestrial life can exist on the giant Super-Earth 30 trillion kilometers from home

An extraterrestrial life can exist on the giant Super-Earth 30 trillion kilometers from home A new article published by astrophysicists from the University of Villanova suggests that extraterrestrial life may exist, that it could live on a planet located a… Continue Reading →

The third generation Meural canvas, it's like having an art gallery at your home

Few of us can afford to hang a masterpiece on our wall, but with a Meural canvas and an annual subscription, many of us can rotate in a library of 30,000 images of fine arts. Netgear acquired Meural in August… Continue Reading →

Sources: Amazon-owned Ring gave its teams in Ukraine and the United States unfiltered cloud access to live video and video feeds with unencrypted home security cameras.

The "smart home" of the 21st century is not only supposed to be a monument to convenience, we are told, but also to protection, a bubble of vigilant algorithms and sensors connected to the Internet, like that of Tony Stark,… Continue Reading →

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