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The US Government Accountability Office publishes a report calling on Congress to consider developing comprehensive legislation on privacy protection on the Internet.

An independent report written by a US government audit agency recommended that Congress develop legislation on Internet data privacy to improve consumer protection, similar to the EU's general regulation. on Data Protection (GDPR). The 56-page report was written by the… Continue Reading →

Swiss government invites hackers to test e-voting system

The Swiss government will make its future electronic voting system available for a public intrusion test and now invites companies and security researchers to launch it. "Interested hackers around the world are welcome to attack the system," the government said… Continue Reading →

Report: Google extracts results of Russian searches of sites banned by the government, blocking ~ 70% of sites blacklisted by the Russian communications regulator Roskomnadzor

Google has begun to remove some entries from its search results in Russia, according to longstanding demands of the authorities, reported Wednesday the business daily Vedomosti. Russia has condemned Google to pay a fine of $ 7,500 in November 2018… Continue Reading →

New South Wales Government Provides First Look at "Digital Twin"

The NSW government introduced for the first time a concept of "digital twinning" developed with Data61. A digital twin is a digital copy of a physical asset. It has become popular in industries such as manufacturing or mining, where a… Continue Reading →

Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure Government Cloud see a global authentication failure affecting new sessions; Microsoft says it's investigating

Frustrated executive posing while looking at the camera on a desk in the office Getty Images / iStockphoto Microsoft engineers do not seem to be able to catch a break. After Microsoft Office 365 users in Europe were unable to… Continue Reading →

US government warns against DNS hijacking

The US government warns of a potentially disastrous cyber-security attack targeting the DNS infrastructure. Domain Name System (DNS) is the technology that converts digital IP addresses into Web domains, such as DNS servers direct traffic to the correct location… Continue Reading →

Japan will let government employees hack consumer IoT devices with unsecured passwords to identify vulnerabilities and prevent abuse during the 2020 Olympics

The Japanese government on Friday approved an amendment to the law that will allow state employees to hack into the devices of the Internet of Things, as part of an unprecedented investigation into unsecured IoT devices. The survey will be… Continue Reading →

Staff at the Toronto Citizen Lab, behind revelations about vendors of government hacking tools like NSO, describes meetings likely to organize compromising quotes

NEW YORK (Grouvy Today) – Researchers who said Israeli software was used to spy on relatives of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi before his death was hit by secret agents in the press revealed the Associated Press. Twice in the… Continue Reading →

Pentagon secret projects reveal that the government has looked at UFOs, wormholes and other strange anomalies

Recently declassified Pentagon documents reveal DOD funded projects that study UFOs, wormholes, alternative dimensions, and a host of other topics that are often the subject of conspiracy theorists. The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) released 38 research titles on January 18,… Continue Reading →

A look at Hainan, China's latest free trade zone with a visa-free policy, which offers startups free rent, reduced taxes and access to venture capital financing financed by the government. government

Hainan, an island province known as Hawaii in China, not only wants to be known for its sunshine and beaches: it has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming the hub of technological innovation in southern China. country. The strategy… Continue Reading →

The Impact of the New Washington Government Tax Plan Inslee on the Technology Industry

Governor Jay Inslee will address a host of technology leaders before the 2018 GeekWire Gala. (GeekWire Photo / Dan DeLong) Washington Governor Jay Inslee proposes two changes to the state's tax system that would impact entrepreneurs and software companies as… Continue Reading →

Facebook will launch Community Actions, a news feed allowing users to tag government agencies and government officials and advocate for change on Monday

Gather a crowd and Facebook will now allow you to make political demands. Tomorrow, Facebook will encounter a host of new complexities with the launch of Community Actions, its news feed petition feature. Community actions could unite neighbors to demand… Continue Reading →

Government review: Trump admin lack of integrated data system to track separated families, ad hoc records likely mean that thousands more children are separated than disclosed

They kept the children in cages. And Excel spreadsheets. And over 60 other government files and databases that made it nearly impossible to track thousands of children separated from their parents by the Trump administration while they were trying to… Continue Reading →

These are all HTTPS federal websites that will soon expire due to the closure of the US government.

At TechCrunch, we like to think of ourselves as nerds, which is why we present them to you. When shutting down the government, security experts found that several federal websites were returning browser errors because the TLS certificate, which illuminates… Continue Reading →

Trump signs the OPEN Government Data Act, urging federal agencies to make public data by default, where possible, and publish it in machine-readable format

The federal government produces a huge amount of data, but despite discouraging considerations of usability, it is unlikely that this data will be available in a way that is useful to anyone. That could change for the better with the… Continue Reading →

How government closure disrupts science

On this Saturday, January 5, 2019, visitors to Great Smoky Mountain National Park pass through the park, but facilities such as the Visitor Centers in Sugarlands and Cades Cove, in Townsend, Tennessee. (Grouvy Today) The longest closure of the US… Continue Reading →

How the government shutdown could delay Licorne's IPOs

Morning Markets: Technology investors and founders hope that 2019 will be the year of the IPO of Decacorn. The government's closure is in the way. Follow Crunchbase News on Twitter The much anticipated IPOs of Uber and Lyft could advance… Continue Reading →

Government says smartphones are too expensive

Premium phone, premium price. Image: Lili Sams / Mashable By Rachel Kraus2019-01-12 20:14:21 UTC It's no secret that high-end smartphones are selling faster and faster. Now the government says it's a problem – but not for the reason that you… Continue Reading →

The closure of the US government leaves websites unsafe

Copyright of the image US Court of Appeals Legend Some government websites are telling users not to enter sensitive information The closure of the US government complicates access to many official websites and potentially leaves users more vulnerable, warn tech… Continue Reading →

The arrest of the government of President Trump breaks federal websites

Dozens of federal government websites are not functioning properly due to the government's ongoing closure, reported BuzzFeed News on Friday, including those of the US Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and some NASA Web pages. from the Ministry of Justice…. Continue Reading →

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